Cuyuna Pump Track is built!

Cuyuna, MN now has quite possibly the most extensive pump track(s) ever.

You must see!

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Doing long intervals on the pump track

Chris in Australia is doing the Pump Up the Base training program, and he’s working in some pump track action, but he wants to know how he can maintain pump for the long intervals.

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A gentlemanly pump track riding critique

When I moved to the East San Francisco Bay area in 1993, Gregory was the first person to befriend me and take me riding. Let’s see if I can return the favor.

These tips will apply for most pump track riders.

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Hopping frontsides

Hey Lee — just read the post Are you pumping too hard?. Great post. It brought up a question for me too.

I just got BMX Skills and read the pump chapter and it got me thinking about trying to hop frontsides altogether since I hadn’t really thought about doing that before. Instead I’ve been trying to absorb them in most/all situations and stay in as much control as possible, which is tough at high speeds.

So I’ve given it a little practice on a couple different pump tracks and haven’t been very successful. On both of these tracks the rollers are fairly close together and it feels like there’s not enough space/time to hop the frontside and like my fork is already compressing into the next roller when I’m trying to hop. Am I just not going fast enough? Is it something where pulling the bike towards me on frontsides will eventually turn into hopping them naturally? Or is this technique better suited for tracks that are a little more wideopen or on the trail when there’s space to set up? Or do I just need to practice more, haha.

One last question: is it always faster to hop the frontside if you can (excluding the suspension issue)?

Sorry for all the questions. Any more detail on this technique in general would be awesome!!

Ps. Got the MTB book for my cousin for Xmas. He has recently got into riding and I know this will get him Riding and hooked…now i’ll have a partner in crime on holidays 🙂


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Pilates on the pump track

Last week my wife and I took a private Pilates class, and it turns out I suck at sitting, standing, walking and pretty much everything else. Our teacher Jordan at Rally Sport Boulder gave me some homework, and I’ve been mixing it into my everyday activities.

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Pumping turns with Heather Irmiger

With the Winter Park Enduro this weekend, yesterday XC champ Heather Irmiger and I worked on pumping corners.

This skill builds the base of braaap.

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My P.3 rips the lower Valmont pump track

Watch world champion 15X BMX racer Collin Hudson tear up the lower Valmont pump track on my P.3. I handed him the bike, he took 0.1 seconds to adjust to the suspension and wheels, then he rocked these amazing laps.

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Helping a pump track noob

Hi Lee. I’ve been desperately trying to ride our local pump track for a few weeks already. I’ve tried everything I can but don’t seem get anywhere near anything that resembles what I see on the net. What am I doing wrong here? Really hope somebody can help. I’ve resorted to going public with a video of my riding despite how bad it is just so I can get some feedback on what I should be doing.

Dynamodayak Ngieng

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Non-standard berm ideas

A purchaser of Welcome to Pump Track Nation is thinking outside the box.

Some thoughts:

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Stafford Lake Bike Park Flow Track

Stoked: I just delivered specs for a pump/jump/flow/race track that Hilride will build at Stafford Lake Bike Park in Marin.

This track is designed for all levels of riders — and for head-to-head racing! Here’s the overview:

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5 benefits a pump track will bring to your city

A guest piece from Shawn Wilson, owner of Epicenter Cycling in Aptos, CA and designer of the original Epicenter Pump Track.

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Designing a pump track for Stafford Lake Bike Park

Hand tools are stacked in the garage, but the Mac is fired up. I’m working on a pump track design for the Stafford Lake Bike Park in Marin.

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