Pumping turns with Heather Irmiger

With the Winter Park Enduro this weekend, yesterday XC champ Heather Irmiger and I worked on pumping corners.

This skill builds the base of braaap.

When you can pump corners, you ride with a whole new level of engagement, confidence and speed.

Heather and I started with some pavement drills. Goal: Pump her 6-inch “DH” bike (compared with her XC rig) down and back up a slight grade.


Once she had some pump fu, we worked the lower Valmont pump track. The all-mountain bike isn’t the best tool for this job, but it’s Heather’s race machine, and she sure got it done. Before long she was turning 10-lap sets faster and smoother than ever.

I’m excited for her to apply this skill (plus her world class fitness) to this weekend’s race.

Rip it Heather!

Body is handling this turn. Brain is planning on the next straight.

Rallying the big bike on the pump track! I never see skills clients bust out this many laps at a time.

I took a turn too. Fun! Photo by the singlepeed world champion.

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