Twice as fast and half as scared

XC champ Heather Irmiger is seeing immediate results from this week’s kung fu skills session.

“Lee, wow – I really can’t believe the progress I’ve made! Last Sunday really was the last day I sucked 🙂 “

Check out this video from Winter Park, shot by Heather’s husband Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski:

As seen on Facebook:

Hey Lee McCormack! Spent all day yesterday earning some “free speed” after our cornering drills at Valmont Bike Park – lots of practice needed still BUT JHK says I’m riding twice as fast…and I’m half as scared! Go Pro Video:

So far we’ve covered attack position, essential braking, core cornering and the magic of pump. In this vid, Heather rails some corners and gets some great pump. Next comes pumping corners.

I’ll be training with Heather at next week’s Winter Park Enduro — and I (humbly) think a couple podiums are possible!

Check out our first session: Helping Heather Irmiger rip the DH

Check out Heather’s site:

Mountain biking is pretty rad, and when you learn how to Ride (capital R), it’s RAD!


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6 replies
  1. Chris A says:

    Isnt it funny how the jumps seem so much smaller on video? Those trails at WP are no joke but you made them look easy. Good work!

    Btw, use that little rubber insert at the camera base to reduce that clacking with the GoPro.


  2. Justin Brown says:

    She looks great without a doubt. It’s hard to really get a good feel of how much she has improved without seeing her before this, but as stated in another post…SHE RIPS!! I covet that trail…nice flow with some kickers…you have it made out west. Happy trails.

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    Justin: I really should have shot some “before” footage, but I was too busy (and stoked) teaching Heather the new kung fu. She has been a top performer for years, but when I met her she was struggling to get around the Valmont lower pump track. Now check out that pump!

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    Chance: I was planning to race the Winter Park Enduro, but Alex Willie (aka Young Skywalker) just won DH nationals, and I’m going to spend this weekend prepping him for Worlds. Yes, WORLDS!

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