Helping a pump track noob

Hi Lee. I’ve been desperately trying to ride our local pump track for a few weeks already. I’ve tried everything I can but don’t seem get anywhere near anything that resembles what I see on the net. What am I doing wrong here? Really hope somebody can help. I’ve resorted to going public with a video of my riding despite how bad it is just so I can get some feedback on what I should be doing.

Dynamodayak Ngieng

Hey Dynamodayak!

Thanks for contacting me. Thoughts:

That track does not follow Pump Track Nation standards for flow. The rollers are too peaky, and there are long dead spots. You’d be rallying one of my tracks.

You are way too passive, especially on those pointy little rollers.

To ride this track, you need a more powerful, punctuated style.

Try to bunny hop over the front of the bump onto the back of the bump. Snap the the back hard then hop over the next frontside. Don’t even touch the fronts of the bumps.

This will be physically taxing — but it’s sweet (especially when you apply this skill to rocks).

Use the back of the bike. Imagine pumping a swing set. Can you feel that pendulum effect? Take it to the pump track.

Braaap! Show us how it goes.


Know more. Have more fun!

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