Pump tracks: Minimum radius for a 260-degree turn?

Hi, pumptrack question…

In your last book you mention, that 6X9m land is needed for a minimal pump track. I have long but narrow land in my backyard, so in one part there is space only for one line that will be ridden in both directions. But the problem is almost 270 degree turn that slould be made in one end… What you think is minimal radius for a 260° turn?


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Quick look at this Columbian pump track design

Dear Lee,
We recently bought your book “Welcome to pump track nation.”
We live in the countryside, about 30km away from Bogotá, in Colombia.
Our son, Rafael, is a 17-year-old enduro rider and he had a few months ago, the great idea of building a pump track.
We would really like you to help and guide us. We have a pump plan already but it would be great if you could take a look at the land we have for this purpose, and give us your precious opinions and tips.
Thank very much and we hope to hear from you very soon!
Paula, Enrique and Rafael

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Wildwood Park Pump Track in Chico, CA

Pump Track Nation is growing!

I worked with local officials and riders to create designs and build specifications for beginner and (very) expert pump tracks. The locals, led by enduro star Kyle Warner, executed what looks like a beautiful build.

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Pump tracks in EagleVail, CO

Check out these LLB-designed pump tracks — one advanced and one beginner — in the town of EagleVail, CO.

My wife, girls and I will be riding there this weekend!

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Sweet new pump tracks at Martinhal Sagres Beach Family Resort Hotel in Sagres, Portugal

Check out this pair of pump tracks I designed for a 5-star resort on the coast of Portugal.

These tracks were built by the resort’s construction crew — and they look fun!

The beach view isn’t bad either.

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Sweet Little Track : ready-to-build pump track plan

Hi all, we just added another track to our ready-to-build pump track plans.

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Pump Track Nation goes to South Africa

I know I’m preaching to the choir, but pump tracks are so great. They build fitness and skill. They serve as community hubs. And they can be built just about anywhere at low cost. Check out these new Pumptopia tracks:

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Keeping weeds off a pump track

Hi Lee,

Jerome from Bozeman, MT here. Hey, I’ve purchased your Welcome to Pump Track Nation book and some plans and also your skills book. Great stuff, man. Thanks. I’ve a lingering question. How do I keep the weeds from growing in my pump track? Thanks!


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Pump track pain cave and other delights

Now that coaching season is slow, it’s time for some fitness training, which means PT/stability/mobility/strength, Pump Up the Base and … drum roll … some pump track mayhem.

Yesterday’s adventure:

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Charging for use of a pump track?

Lee, I have a 70 x 120 foot lot, fairly level, in a great location where cyclist are already coming, that I am considering building a pump track on. My intention is to fence it and charge a reasonable fee for the use of it. My question is, what is a reasonable fee to charge and how do you charge? By the hour? I would think it would need to be fenced to control liability. I want to provide a quality place to ride, but I need to cover expenses as well.

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Hard-surfaced pump tracks?

Have you ever built a pumptrack surfaced with concrete? I’ve seen a few videos from Europe showing one or two but nothing I can see in the U.S. I asking since I may be trying to approach our city about installing a pump track in a public park and something that would be lasting and require little to no maintenance would be ideal.

I live in La Crosse, WI and even asphalt doesn’t last more than 4-5 years without upkeep/replacement. By the way I like your design and thank you for your website.

Thank you,

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