Quick look at this Columbian pump track design

Dear Lee,
We recently bought your book “Welcome to pump track nation.”
We live in the countryside, about 30km away from Bogotá, in Colombia.
Our son, Rafael, is a 17-year-old enduro rider and he had a few months ago, the great idea of building a pump track.
We would really like you to help and guide us. We have a pump plan already but it would be great if you could take a look at the land we have for this purpose, and give us your precious opinions and tips.
Thank very much and we hope to hear from you very soon!
Paula, Enrique and Rafael


I can take a quick look at your plans and give you my thoughts. If you want more detailed information, I need to charge for my time.

• The piece of land looks great.

• Spacing of rollers seems too tight.

• You don’t have rollers into and out of the berms. Check the ebook.

• Some of the berms look too tight.

• You’ll want a line that goes around the outside, over the berms on the southwest side.

• The tight berm inside the track won’t fit the way you show it. The back of that berm will cover the outside line. It would be cool to design that berm so riders can transfer between it and the outside line.

If you want a complete, ready-to-build design and specification, the cost will be $1,000 (this will take a lot of time). I’ll need you to send very accurate measurements of the site and indicate the direction of the slope. I’ll take your idea and fit it with the measurements that I know work.

Your other option is to read the Pump Track Nation book carefully. If you follow those rules precisely, your track will ride great.

What do you think?


Know more. Have more fun!

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