Strava server error

You stopped using Strava three years ago because it brought out your crazy. But today, after four hours teaching and riding, you turn on Strava to time the climb.

You’re testing the Purgatory GRID plus tires on your Stumpy; might as well get decent data.

You’re freaking’ tired but PR the climb by 10 percent (per your watch). OK so we’re riding pretty well today.

You cruise the flat sections and drop into the descent with smooth intentions. Whoa it feels so good, so easy and so fast (in an easy way). Rocks scroll below. Cornering just happens. Your body executes learned patterns faster than you can think, and the bike is right there, and it can handle more.

You realize this is a whole new level, and your mind thinks you’re KOMing the descent. You ride perfectly, with some high-watt pedaling on the in betweens.

You rush to cell service, upload the ride and get a Strava server error and, for an instant, you’re so mad!

Know more. Have more fun!

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