Pump track pain cave and other delights

Now that coaching season is slow, it’s time for some fitness training, which means PT/stability/mobility/strength, Pump Up the Base and … drum roll … some pump track mayhem.

Yesterday’s adventure:

Track: Mesa Top Pump Track at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO.

Bike: Specialized P3 with FOX 831 fork and Shimano XT/Saint/PRO components. This is a fast, fast bike.

Single laps on one minute intervals

This reminds me of swimming in college (back in my triathlon days), except I don’t feel like I’m gonna drown.

• “Cruise” a lap in about 30 seconds.
• Rest about 30 seconds.
• Repeat for a total of 20 laps.

This ends up being an aerobic effort with a focus on shoulders and core. Not so hard.


Mutually assured destruction

Coach Kevin Stiffler and I share the P3.

• Pin a lap as fast as possible.
• Pass the bike to Kevin. The bike cannot stop moving forward.
• Kevin pins a lap as fast as possible. With tricks.
• Kevin passes the bike to me.
• Repeat for a total of 10 laps each.

Anaerobic pinnedness with partial recovery = digging a pain cave. Bonus: The more I hurt, the more Kevin hurts. And vice versa.

Everyone wins!

Next: 24-hour Pump Track Relay Worlds?

Have fun out there,


Know more. Have more fun!

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