North Carolina pump track action

Some characters in Charlotte, NC downloaded pump-track plans from this site and have built a sweet one of their own.
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Pumping down under

Check out this pump track action in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. So far five people have dug for 30 hours — and it’s looking good.

20MB Windows Media file – Right click to download. Nice flow. – Looks like they have a fun scene.

How to build a pump track

Here’s a story I did for Decline magazine back in June. It includes detailed plans for the pump track at The Fix in Boulder, CO.
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Better Homes and Pump Tracks

Does mowing the lawn make you yawn? Are the daisies making you crazy? Well, forget all that and turn your yard into something fun and useful: a pump track. We recently transformed a back yard here in Boulder, and I must say it came out nice.
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Backyard pump track MADNESS

Oh, man. A pump track has been built in a backyard near my house. Full details are coming soon, but first a few photos from Saturday.
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Pump first – pedal later

This letter comes from a self-professed beginner who has been reading Mastering Mountain Bike Skills and working on his pump. He makes a revolutionary point:
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