Austin, TX pump track – Phase 1

We’re talkin’ turns, rollers and — get this — a wooden wall ride.

Pump Track Nation!
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Belgian pump track bonanza

Oh yeah, pump track fever is buring hot in Belgium. These guys have a nice track in the works.
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Another sweet North Carolina pump track

The guys at the Piedmont Area Singletrack Alliance are at it again. This one is called the Beer Farm Pump Track.
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Mark Weir’s pump track (now with video)

The bald brute of endurance has thrown down big time. Could he have the world’s coolest suburban back yard?

Newly released video says YES, he does.
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Arizona desert pump track sweetness

The global pump track guide is growning. Here’s a really nice one — American Southwest style.
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Pump Tracks ‘R’ Us

Sweet pump tracks, made to order. Here’s our first out-of-state project:
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Tell me about your pump track!

We all know Pump Track mania is spreading around the globe. Riders are building some cool stuff out there, and I want this site to be the resource for ideas and inspiration. So when you build your track please email me some photos and tell me a bit about it.

Sweet. Thanks!

— Lee

The Fix Jr. Team pump sesh

Saturday I hosted the first training session for The Fix’s junior development team. Where’d we ride? My back yard, of course.
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Deep-woods pump track

You gotta love this long, twisty pump through the trees. Rumor has it it’s in Commerce City, CO, and they’re still digging …
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Backyard pump track: San Jose style

The boys in San Jose, CA have joined the global pump track revolution, and they’ve built a nice one.
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Pump track tomfoolery

Fast Jon Watt ruled it as usual. Here he is on a dry day.

We had a great backyard session today. Snow, ice and mud made things slow and sketchy, but still:

Miles pumped: 4.5

Laps per mile: 30

Fastest time for three laps: 23.5 sec.

Fastest time for 10 laps: 1:24*

Top speed: 20.2 mph

So fun — and such great training. 1 … 2 …. 3 … Sea Otter!

Check out Better Homes and Pump Tracks

* My times (goals) – 3 laps 26.5 sec. (24 sec), 10 laps 1:36 (1:26)

Pumping with suspension

An eager mind wants tips for riding a pump track on a bike with 4-8 inches of suspension. Any excuse to draw a diagram …
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