Backyard pump track: San Jose style

The boys in San Jose, CA have joined the global pump track revolution, and they’ve built a nice one.

Back yards will never be the same.

It’s hard to tell where this goes. Maybe multiple ways? Tony promised to send video.

Dan gets some. I’ve been racing against this guy since 1998.

I was hoping to wax Dan at this year’s Sea Otter, but there goes my pump track advantage …
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  1. ken aragaki says:

    yeah you been spankin me since 98 as well.thease photos dont do this track justice.Tony Leo and Dan built this track in a month.cuold you put a plug in about our shop all three guys are sponsored buy Blastenhoff Custom bikes and this IS the Born to Bomb squad’s pump track.Did Tony mention that we have lights wait for the video its sick!!!!!Yes it does go multi ways.but all loops are pumpable and transfer to maybe 6 different lines.take care LEE!!!

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Ken, dang, I just posted this like 10 minutes ago. Nice to know people are looking …

    That track looks so good. I hope you guys will treat me to a ride around Sea Otter time.



  3. Tony Jimenez says:


    Me and Leo G did most of the work. We started the day before thanksgiving, Dan, Nelson, and Lance helped out when they could but most of the work was done by myself and Leo. We finished around x-mas vacation and started riding it in the new year. Here is the breakdown

    Man hours 60

    fastest time 21.8 seconds for one lap

    video to come as soon as I get a fire wire cable.



    PS if your down to drive to San Jo or if your in town early for the Sea Otter call me and we can session the track. C. Keene has my number.

  4. Luc 'Acadian' Albert says:

    Wow…awesome track Tony! I would have loved to help you guys build it – next time contact me bro. you got my digits…

    – Luc

  5. corey bmx says:

    okay guys, i’m callin’ you out ! fast lap or what? manual contest , whatever you got i’m down to battle in the backyard! p.s.20″ rules

  6. Dave Weagle says:

    That’s some inspiration right there guys. I started clearing the area for my own pump track this weekend. I can’t wait to got it going so I can ride it.

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