Pump track tomfoolery

Fast Jon Watt ruled it as usual. Here he is on a dry day.

We had a great backyard session today. Snow, ice and mud made things slow and sketchy, but still:

Miles pumped: 4.5

Laps per mile: 30

Fastest time for three laps: 23.5 sec.

Fastest time for 10 laps: 1:24*

Top speed: 20.2 mph

So fun — and such great training. 1 … 2 …. 3 … Sea Otter!

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* My times (goals) – 3 laps 26.5 sec. (24 sec), 10 laps 1:36 (1:26)

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  1. JoshG says:

    Nice work getting out on the track…I have been following all of your pump posts. Love to see some more pics. Would love to build one myself next summer but I am not a landowner…so may have to wait.

  2. Ron Cook says:

    Watts had an incredibly fast pop out of the gate at the Chile Challenge in his quarter final. He is very fast. His wife is awfully impressive as well. Best of luck to you guys at Sea Otter!

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    Hey Ron. Thanks for the good wishes.

    No doubt — Jon is a very fast fellow. As my buddy Evan would say, “The three of us were mountain biking. Jon was doing some other sport.” But I’ve decided he’s not THAT much stronger than I am, and he doesn’t have magical powers (I think), so I’m gonna keep peeling that onion and learning his tricks.

    And Bobbi too. Dang.

  4. Evan says:

    I amended my assessment by the end of the day… as Lee is right, John doesn’t necessarily have magical powers or anything. But still, it was like the three of us were mountain biking on a pump track, while John was truly pump tracking or something.

  5. Tony Jimenez says:


    What up from Norcal your previous hood. Me and some of the homies built a pump track in East San Jose. Pics and video to follow soon. Thanks for the inspiration.


  6. leelikesbikes says:

    Yeah Tony!

    Send me the proof brother. And see you at the Otter?

    Hey, what’s up with Lance these days? If you see him, tell him I have his picture in my weight room …

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