Cane Creek Double Barrel Shock + Enduro?

Hi Lee, I have an 05 Enduro and want to upgrade to a coil shock, from the 5th Element Air. In particular I’m interested in the new Cane Creek Double Barrel shock. I was wondering through your contacts if you have heard any reports or tried this shock on the new Enduro frame.

Thanks in advance.

Chris tests the Double Barrel on his Demo 8 — Whistler A-Line style.

Hey Derek,

Speaking of contacts: Chris Herndon races and works for Cane Creek, and he lived in my basement for part of last summer.

He told me the Double Barrel is SUPER adjustable, and that it works on most bikes. He ran one on his Enduro from Sea Otter to June last year. And get this: When Cane Creek invited magazine editors to test the shock, they all rode ’05 Enduros.

So yes. The Double Barrel is a good match for the new Enduro.

Cane Creek Double Barrel shock

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  1. leelikesbikes says:

    Not if you use the same length and stroke.

    I suppose if you use a longer stroke you’ll get more travel, but you’ll also change the BB height.

  2. shawn bike tech boulder, colorado says:

    thats an awesome shock,, but if you raise it up you will also change your head tube angle and the fell of your bike. dont let that scare you .. you will find you will be using more of your front suspension and the bike will have a quicker turn you can even this out by getting a longer travel suspension fork. and dont forget you will also be changing how high off the ground you are.

  3. sean says:

    The ’05/06 Enduros use an oddball size shock (8.75×2.5″) so by converting to a standard size shock (8.75×2.75″) you can gain travel up to that of the ’06 SX trail (167mm) w/o altering the geometry (except of course at full compression.)

    I have recently done just that on my ’05 S-Works Enduro and even compared to the awesome DHX Air I had on the bike previously, the DHX Coil feels incredible.

    Contrary to information available on internet forums, there is no special hardware needed to perform this swap. I just bought a stock 2006 Fox DHX 5.0 and when the shock came I popped out the rear DU bushing and mounted it on my bike. You must run the slack geometry shuttle but that’s the one you want in the first place. Another nice aspect of this swap is that the non enduro-specific DHX shock has a schrader valve on the boost chamber allowing the user to fine tune the bottom out resistance. The air valve clears even with the volume backed all the way out but you must remove the shock to attach a shock pump.

    I have checked for all possible areas of interference and ridden my bike HARD with this setup and it’s incredible.

    p.s. Lee, I am Salcedo’s buddy you rode with a few years back (your shoulder was freshly repaired in a sling) in Niscene. We filmed school trail, you were just starting LeeLikesBikes and we talked about video camera’s and editing etc. I’ve been watching you grow LLB since, great work! If you are ever in Santa Barbara let’s ride again.

  4. Andrew says:

    Just wanted to confirm with sean above as I’m wanting to fit a 8.75″x2.75″ DHX5 to my ’05 Enduro Expert – the linkage definately doesn’t hit the frame at full travel with the slack head angle shuttle right?


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