The Fix Jr. Team pump sesh

Saturday I hosted the first training session for The Fix’s junior development team. Where’d we ride? My back yard, of course.

It looks like we’ll have a great crew this summer: Joey, Ben, Dylan, Josei, Mike, Neal, Evan, Carolyn, Jill and maybe a few more.

Photos by Dylan Patterson

Bikes and kids. Kids and bikes.

Timed runs! We did 3 laps, then 10. Mike is working a lot harder than everyone else.

Neal is a smooth character. Nice body/bike angulation.

The bike belongs to Jon Watt, but the effort is all Mike’s.

Pump Track Bike of Death. No chain, no brakes, and Joey’s lovin’ it.

Jill is a fast XC racer. Little does she know the pump will make her even faster.

Evan, aka Wolverine, is fierce!

If I say it looks like Carolyn and Jill are checking Evan out, everyone will get embarrassed. Oops, too late.

Ron Gager, The Fix/Rhythm Cycles co-owner and our team manager, sets the undisputed worldwide 60+ 3-lap pump record.

Just like the Sea Otter slalom. Bobbi prepares for April in Monterey. I’m happy to report that Bobbi and Jon will be riding with The Fix/Rhythm Cycles this year.

Fast Jon Watt with the step-up manual.

Jon has trouble making his wheels follow the ground, so he likes to jump over things.
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  1. patrik says:

    yet again you make me jealous Lee….well see you at the otter i hope. i will be running around like a chicken with his head cut off yet again 🙂

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Patrik! See you at the Otter for sure — I’ll be the Spectator Formerly Known As Qualifier #20.

    Wolverine! Don’t forget my wife Tracy, who gave me holy permission!

  3. Bobby H says:

    Wow that seems like a great way to train. Once I get a larger back yard I hope to get my kids riding on a track like that. Wish I had access to one when I was younger. Great site Lee. I just picked up your book on Monday, and I am glad I did.

  4. Phill says:

    Hey Lee, are those garden paver bricks I see on the side of the track for the purpose of landscaping around the pump track? Tracy must really like you.

  5. leelikesbikes says:

    Yep. We’re going to flagstone the entire infield and do those bricks on the backs of the berms. I’m also considering paving the track itself. The HOA says no exposed dirt allowed, so …

  6. patrik says:

    I LOVE HOAs!!!!!!!!! how can you never have exposed dirt? i bet i could go into every garden in the area and show people exposed dirt if they want to be that anal about things, and the whole yard is fenced off. oi. oh well i am sure you have heard it all, and thought it all, well good luck fighting them on that, cause pump tracks are just too cool to have to pave

  7. ChuckB says:

    Dang man! Look at you pimped out shop, track and a lovey that rocks also!

    Could swore I saw you riding around town last week down folsom or something.

    Holla back chuck b

  8. leelikesbikes says:

    Hey Chuck. Yeah, Folsom is my route to work (one of my works). And these days it’s my route of sprints — Sea Otter!

    Just say BRAAAP!

  9. Lisa Atallah says:

    hi – My son Alexander, age 14, loves to bike and is looking for a “team” sport that is not as all-encompassing as hockey and soccer can be. Can you tell me if he can participate in your group, how often you meet, when and where? We live in Louisville.

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