The Fix Jr. Team pump sesh

Saturday I hosted the first training session for The Fix’s junior development team. Where’d we ride? My back yard, of course.

It looks like we’ll have a great crew this summer: Joey, Ben, Dylan, Josei, Mike, Neal, Evan, Carolyn, Jill and maybe a few more.

Photos by Dylan Patterson

Bikes and kids. Kids and bikes.

Timed runs! We did 3 laps, then 10. Mike is working a lot harder than everyone else.

Neal is a smooth character. Nice body/bike angulation.

The bike belongs to Jon Watt, but the effort is all Mike’s.

Pump Track Bike of Death. No chain, no brakes, and Joey’s lovin’ it.

Jill is a fast XC racer. Little does she know the pump will make her even faster.

Evan, aka Wolverine, is fierce!

If I say it looks like Carolyn and Jill are checking Evan out, everyone will get embarrassed. Oops, too late.

Ron Gager, The Fix/Rhythm Cycles co-owner and our team manager, sets the undisputed worldwide 60+ 3-lap pump record.

Just like the Sea Otter slalom. Bobbi prepares for April in Monterey. I’m happy to report that Bobbi and Jon will be riding with The Fix/Rhythm Cycles this year.

Fast Jon Watt with the step-up manual.

Jon has trouble making his wheels follow the ground, so he likes to jump over things.
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