Tell me about your pump track!

We all know Pump Track mania is spreading around the globe. Riders are building some cool stuff out there, and I want this site to be the resource for ideas and inspiration. So when you build your track please email me some photos and tell me a bit about it.

Sweet. Thanks!

— Lee

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  1. joey says:

    If only i had a basement. That would be perfect for all year round training. I have a sweet one in the making though.

  2. Hakadelic Hauer says:

    mark weirs pump track is prolly the best in nor cal right now… pics will prolly surface up when it is totally finish

  3. Agustin says:

    Im building my pt but i’m strugling with the inclination so im gonna sacrifice the length and im gonna do it side ways .I want to have with a good flow and fun
    Thanks lee

  4. Yosei says:

    We need to get a build sesh going on over at my house — I have a track, but it’s a bit small. No worries though, I have some room to expand. I just need some helping hands to get it up and running!

  5. Jason says:

    I want almost nothing more than a pump track near my house in the LA area, but land acqusition is very difficult or I have to poach to build. That and the wife says big time ixnay on the umptraypay in the back yard. Anybody know of a PT in the area?

  6. Joshua says:

    I broke ground on a new pump track in Santa Barbara last weekend. It will be very close to the Fix plans for stage one, so I can know exactly how it should feel. I have a lot of room though and plenty of ideas for one or two expansion loops.

  7. Nathan says:

    Almost there with mine – have gone for a similar design to the one in your yard a big figure 8. Totally rideable as is but want to do some more tuning before sending pics and a vid through – thanks again for the inspiration.

    First pump track in NZ – that I know of anyhow 🙂

  8. Colin says:

    Joshua, where are you starting the pump track in SB? I am down to help over the weekend (17,18,19) if you want some extra man power. Ive been wanting to start one in Elwood for a while now.

  9. Joshua says:

    It is in North Ellwood between the golf course and Phelps Road. It is only about four rollers at the moment because spring break and the rainy season have halted construction after only two days. I’ll be out there any time I’m not working, in class, or drenched. Hit me up at I’m always willing to exploit others.

  10. Jonas says:

    Hello Lee

    We are building a large pumptrack pumptrack here in switzerland, including a little dirtline with 6 doubles. But as one part of the pumptrack goes slightly uphills (I think ist is about 1-2m of elevation) I’m wondering what element gives the best pump. What is your experience? Big rollers, doubles or even rythm sections?

  11. leelikesbikes says:

    A line of rollers. Make the distance between each top and bottom about one wheelbase. So two wheelbases between tops.

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