Arizona desert pump track sweetness

The global pump track guide is growning. Here’s a really nice one — American Southwest style.


Here are a few photos from my pump track located at my ranch in Sonoita, AZ.

Some specs:

It’s 167 feet 3 inches for a lap

Took about a week to build (one person)

It’s an above ground set up

Seven opportunities to “pump” not including the berms

– Steve

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  1. Evan says:

    Hey Lee… Looks like we might have to start up the Pump Track World Tour once you get the new Sprinter action going! Load up the slalom bikes and hit the road to sample all the pump tracks in the lower 48… all we’ll need is a satellite internet connection and gas money, right? No… RIGHTEOUS!

  2. leelikesbikes says:


    Oh yeah, the thought has occurred to me. Since we’re rocking the Benz diesel, we can run it on pizza grease.

    Plans are afoot my friend, plans are afoot …

  3. Steve C says:

    When the tour kicks off, be sure to stop by. Our doors are always open, the gates might be closed, but the doors are open, and there is plenty of room to camp out.
    I am wondering if I can be designated as the southernmost pump track in the US.
    That would be a cool distinction!
    Anyone further south than Sonoita, AZ?

  4. Steve C says:

    Coool !
    I’m trying to get some of the folks in our club to turn their backyards into pump track havens. I think most of ’em are chicken. OH! and their wives said no.
    I’m game to help them out as far as design and building go as well, as long as they are not south from my place.

  5. Dana Thornhill says:

    Last Month Steve invited our club to try out his 45 acres. We loved the Northshore/pumptrack experience! We hope to get back there this weekend and/or next to help build more. It’s only a half hour from Sierra Vista and just adds to the variety to our 35+ trail in the area. I will be taking lots of pictures.

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