Fitness bike for a big rider

Mr McCormack: My son in law wants to start biking for weight loss and fun. He weighs over 350 lbs and is 6 ft tall. Can you recommend a bike?

Cost is an issue. He has a physical job requiring heavy lifting but needs more exercise to lose weight. He has a two year old son and another baby due in May and is motivated to be more avtive for his children.

Thank you, Mary Jo

Hi Mary Jo,

Specialized Expedition Sport

Bike riding is perfect for big people. It supports your weight until you burn it off, plus it’s SUPER FUN! I suggest a “fitness” or “comfort” bike.

It should have:

– A very upright riding position, with a high-rise stem and handlebars.

– A big, comfy seat.

– Large tires.

– If it has suspension, the spring or air pressure have to be set up for his weight.

– Buy from a good local shop, and INSIST that they set the bike up for him. This bike MUST feel good to ride.

Example: The Specialized Expedition Sport retails for $330. Trek and other big companies make similar bikes.

Tell him to start with short rides — 15-20 minutes at a time. He doesn’t have to beat himself up; just get out and move around. If he can do this every day, the pounds will steadily go away. When I started riding 16 years ago, I lost over 50 pounds this way.

Good luck, and please tell me how it goes!

— Lee