Big-time vehicle upgrade

I’ve always been a used minivan kind of guy — chicks dig practical cars. Well, I just ordered the ultimate vehicle: A Dodge Sprinter van converted by Sportsmobile to carry bikes, motos and aspirations.

Base vehicle: 2005 Dodge Sprinter 2500. This is basically the Mercedes van used by terrorists worldwide. Maybe it explodes well? Baring an attack, the commercial-grade Mercedes turbo diesel will go a million miles at 22 mpg.

Customization: Last year Brian Lopes asked Sportsmbile to build his dream setup. He’s owned every truck, van and RV you can imagine, and he knew what he wanted:

– Basic living space up front. All leather, with a premium entertainment system. We are talking Lopes here.

– A garage in back. He spec’d his Sprinter to fit three full-size motos or myriad bikes.

Lopes’ van is so cool it’s been appearing at various RV shows, and Sportsmobile even has a Lopes 55 model. I swear, every time that guy poops, he earns a royalty.

Every summer I basically live out of my GMC Safari. This year I want to increase the comfort and reduce the stress — and I want to fit motos inside my ride. So I threw down big time on a Sportsmobile Lopes 55 van. I hope to receive the van next week. Just in time for Sea Otter!

Full details when the beast arrives.

Here’s the brochure 2.7 meg pdf


The Panzer has been awesome. 1999 Safari AWD XLT, leather interior, power everything, trailer hitch, roof rack, rubber floor mats, 120k miles, fits five riders and five DH bikes. It’s for sale. $6,000.
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