Backyard pump track MADNESS

Oh, man. A pump track has been built in a backyard near my house. Full details are coming soon, but first a few photos from Saturday.

Bobbi Watt, Jon Watt and me, Lee:

Never has so much fun been crammed into so small a space!

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  1. Will says:

    Hey lee,

    Looks awesome! I’m currently working on a small slalom course on the little hill in my back yard. It’s not finished yet, but when im done ill send you some pictures. I love your website, and it first inspired me to start building.

    Rock on,


    P.S.- as an experienced slalom rider, do you have any advice as far as building a course goes?

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Biscuit: No doubt about the faces. If you’re grimacing your teeth like that you’re not relaxed. Next time I’ll try for the serene look.

    Wolverine: Nope, but we should finish that one. This one is superduper top secret.

  3. Another Will says:

    Awesome! I live in gunbarrell too – are those little jumps in the open space on Twin Lakes your work too? Now if only I could clear the smallest of those doubles…

    I’ve got shovels and a truck and live nearby and though I can’t jump I’m more than happy to help dig!

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    Another Will,

    I’ve done a little work on those little jumps. They’ve been there for years. But we should do a dig day out there to clean things up and make some additions. The dirt is really hard to work with, so we’ll need just the right amount of moisture. I’ll post our next work day. Thanks! — Lee

  5. desert pixie says:

    you are the raddest and so is the ill sickness known as pump track madness. if you keep putting the hurt on that track you will certainly destroy the semis next year. keep up the good work.
    wendy lee

  6. Clifton says:

    I remembered seeing the actual dimensions of the Fix pump track but I can not find them now. Are those still available? Sombody get me some aspirin. I have the fever…

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