How’s the new Specialized Enduro?

Hi Lee. I was riding on the weekend and crossed paths with another rider, he was riding the latest Spesh Enduro Pro and I fell in love. Its smooth lines, choice parts to me it was my dream bike in spec anyway.

After doing the lift test and being suprised at its seamingly light weight I asked him how it handled and he was well impresed but was on its maiden voyage so hadn’t lived with it for anytime at all. As I know you ride an Enduro though an older one I was wondering if you had had a chance to sample a new one yet.

I value your opinion as you don’t sound full of crap or owned by a company.

Cheers, Nigel Bronwin

PS. Oh I love the book also wish I had it years ago.

Hey Nigel.

Thanks for your note. I have been riding the new Enduro for over a year, and it rips. Here’s a write-up from last October.

I’ve ridden the new Enduro all over the place and raced it in a couple Super Ds. It’s a sick trail bike that climbs pretty well and RIPS descents like a true champion. Since the review was written I switched to a Fox 36 fork, which brings the bike to life.

As a matter of fact, the super-sick SX Trail is based on the Enduro frame, with burlier parts.

I hope that helps. Let there be bikes!


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