How’s the new Specialized Enduro?

Hi Lee. I was riding on the weekend and crossed paths with another rider, he was riding the latest Spesh Enduro Pro and I fell in love. Its smooth lines, choice parts to me it was my dream bike in spec anyway.

After doing the lift test and being suprised at its seamingly light weight I asked him how it handled and he was well impresed but was on its maiden voyage so hadn’t lived with it for anytime at all. As I know you ride an Enduro though an older one I was wondering if you had had a chance to sample a new one yet.

I value your opinion as you don’t sound full of crap or owned by a company.

Cheers, Nigel Bronwin

PS. Oh I love the book also wish I had it years ago.

Hey Nigel.

Thanks for your note. I have been riding the new Enduro for over a year, and it rips. Here’s a write-up from last October.

I’ve ridden the new Enduro all over the place and raced it in a couple Super Ds. It’s a sick trail bike that climbs pretty well and RIPS descents like a true champion. Since the review was written I switched to a Fox 36 fork, which brings the bike to life.

As a matter of fact, the super-sick SX Trail is based on the Enduro frame, with burlier parts.

I hope that helps. Let there be bikes!


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  1. Ozy Nige says:

    Thanks for the reply Lee last weekend I had a ride of the Enduro Pro and it was a blast. I was doing 4 foot drops to flat at speed with no prblems at all felt like i could almost use it to DH runs on, then I had to pegdal it back up a hill to the bike shop no prob’s.
    (Note to all never buy a demo bike unless its realy cheep)
    Im six foot even and I tested the medium fram size which felt sweet except for goind up felt a bit short. A friend of mine has a SX trail and is my height but got the large and recons it better. I havent had a go of his yet and I was wondering what size you run and what you recon would be beter small and flickable or large and predictable?

    Cheers Nige

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Hey Nige.

    So you’re the guy ruining all those demo bikes!?!

    I’m 5-9 and run a medium with a 50mm stem. The large is about one inch longer in the top tube and wheelbase. If you’re three inches taller than me I think you’ll fit the large the way I fit the medium. I think this is a sweet combination of flickability and stability. Sometimes the bike feels like a burly jumper, sometimes it feels like a sturdy trail bike, and sometimes it feels like a DH bike. The stiff frame, low bottom bracket and short stays make it very adaptable.

    I like short bikes for jumping/slalom, but for trail riding and DH I look at it this way: A shorter bike will handle well but never be as stable as a longer bike. A longer bike is inherently more stable, but you can learn to flick it around like a short bike. When you can flick your big bike around like a small bike, you get the best of both.

    I hope that makes sense!

    — Lee

  3. Brent Forsythe says:

    Can you compare the ML8 vs 05-06 Enduro for Downieville riding?
    I can already tell that the Enduro will rule on baby heads and probably on super-fast sections like Third Divide, but what about the ups and downs of Second Devide, and going up to the summit leading to Big Boulder, then going down big boulder. I am on the fence in a big way.

    And if you have time, if you were to get the ML8; would you mount a DUC32, 36 Talas, or 36 Van?

    Your comments are awesome. If you go to a mag, you’ve got to let us know.

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    Hey Brent.


    That’s a tough one. They’re both great bikes.

    – The Enduro will be faster on the downhills. It’s stiff and burly and active, like a little DH bike.

    – The ML-8 will feel snappier on the climbs, especially those brutal little sprints on Second Divide. The ML-8 is also a touch lighter.

    Both bikes work well in both situations; your decision comes down to which situation you want to optimize for — the descent or the climb.


    Another tough one. If you run an ML-8 I’d stick with an air fork — the lightness will complement the rest of the bike.

    The ML-8 is made for the DUC32. The frame and fork work very well together for aggressive trail riding. I’d say you end up with a similar decision:

    – The 36 is stiff in every direction, very supple and is very tunable. In my opinion the valving is more dialed. It’s burly and basically a little DH fork. You should see the stuff they’re riding in BC on 36s.

    – The DUC is lighter and also very tunable, but you need an expert to revalve your fork. The DUC is very stiff fore-aft and side-to-side, but not torsionally. I’ve never had any trouble in real riding, but conceivably if you stuff your wheel into some rocks you might get some flex. The DUC is made for aggressive XC riding.

    Both great forks. If you’re more into the downhill (Enduro), run a 36. if you’re more into the XC (ML-8), rock the DUC32.


    For a day of D-ville shuttles, I can’t think of a better bike than the Enduro with a 36. I would run burly rims/tires and wring the hell out of that bike.

    But for long rides with severe climbs and ripping descents, it’s hard to beat an ML-8.

    It comes down to style … full face or open face … body armor or knee guards …

  5. Brent Forsythe says:

    leelikesbikes is my new family counselor. I have just learned how to listen more, and better. Hell, I’m ready to subscribe, just send a bill.

  6. Tim Monaghan says:

    Hi Lee, I’m actually building a sworkie Enduro right now. I was curious on how that 36 Talas is working out for you lately.. I heard that there was alot of travel loss in these and you have
    to turn the nobs a thousand times to make any adjustments..

    Great reading by the way, you really helped solidify my decision to go witht he enduro.

  7. leelikesbikes says:

    Hey Tim.

    My 36 TALAS has been great.

    The 2007 models have a new travel adjuster — it’s a lever with three settings: 100mm, 130mm, 160mm. Way quicker than the old clickwheel. Oh, and another 10mm of travel.

    I have a full report on the new Fox stuff. Just gotta get caught up with the paying work …

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