Rampart Range moto session

Distance: 52 miles. Time: 2:40. Average speed: 20 mph. Top speed: 60 mph. Terrain: swoopy singletack. Not a bad afternoon.

Shots from yesterday:

I ride this typical S section like a mountain biker. It makes me wonder whether I’d ride my bikes like a moto …

Why go around this boulder when you can jump up it?

Laying into a long sweeper, pulling hard in third gear.


Fireman Jeff brops off a big rock.

Jeff with the sweet body-bike angulation. This came in handy when he hit a patch of ice and wound up sitting on top of his sliding motorcycle.

This stuff feels so much like downhill MTB. Point your hips and shoulders where you want to go, and let the bike do its thing.

Fireman Jeff gets some.

Showoff Jeff rides a nose wheelie down this rock face. After this came a supertech, rocky, rooted climb — which he nailed. As for me, I did a flying W into a tree.

Scott’s new to riding, but he’s definitely feeling the love.

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  1. jason smith says:

    I see you have now seen the light of the darkside. Me and wild bill rousell have been trying t tel folks for several years that motos on tight technical singletrack and open high speed sections is a addictive combination. I wish we could connect with motos next time your in nor cal. I will show you trails in downiville or other places no mt bikes have seen but only dream of riding.

  2. jason smith says:

    I have to drop out of last man standing I just spiral fracture my tibia riding a stupid 50cc pit bike. had a rod inserted through tibia and bolted to my knee and ankle. Stuck in bed for awhile but I will be ready to ride by feb. wild bill is still going to last man to represent

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    NO!!!!! Champions always get nailed by the silly stuff. Advice: Stick those rubber flowers to your shower floor — they save lives!

  4. Daniel Weinman says:

    Yo Lee, glad to see you ripping the moto. Awesome eh? Anyway, my buddies and myself rip it up pretty much every Sunday in this place known as Alcalde, NM. It is about 40 minute South of Taos. We have awesome riding there nearly year round, hardly a day crappy enough not to be able to ride there. The terrain is awesome, it’s like being on another planet. Trails range from super tight technical single track to double track and lots of wide open sand washes. Ever want to come test your skills, this is the place to do it. Let me know.


  5. Fireman Jeff says:

    Lee, looking at this makes it fun all over again. Thanks. Dans place? Winter ride? Have truck and trailer will travel. Those sand washes might be good for some skills that would come in handy So. of the border, esta bien. Going to get some of those rubber flowers straight away!


  6. Roger says:

    Bring your bike to so-cal. We can do 52 miles in an hour get some gas and go again. Bring Jeff with you. He knows What i am talking about.


  7. Fireman Jeff says:

    A couple of power bars and a gas card and I’m there! Roger you better wait for me after the first hour..I am kind of familar with you’re pace!

  8. Roger says:

    What do you mean about my pace? Will you guys wait for me? You are on a bigger bike so that means you go faster right. We had a great ride on sunday in Lucern. Next time i will wear the helmet cam so i can send it to you guys.

  9. danimal says:

    Yeah…moto rocks! Ride fast take chances and don’t be afraid! As for Darner, I claim self defense, that mofo socked me in the nose and it was bleeding all over, but yes, I am loco en la cabeza. SHUT UP AND RIDE!

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