Charging for use of a pump track?

Lee, I have a 70 x 120 foot lot, fairly level, in a great location where cyclist are already coming, that I am considering building a pump track on. My intention is to fence it and charge a reasonable fee for the use of it. My question is, what is a reasonable fee to charge and how do you charge? By the hour? I would think it would need to be fenced to control liability. I want to provide a quality place to ride, but I need to cover expenses as well.

Hey Jack,

Thanks for the interesting question.

I’ll bet this comes up more and more.

Legalities vary state to state. Here in Colorado a fence is important to delineate the “danger” area. When users pass through the gate, they pass the warning sign, and they take on liability. So, yes, a fence is a good idea. Especially if you want to control access.

Check with a legal expert before you dig into this!

Whichever model you use, it should be simple.

Ray’s MTB has two successful private, pay-to-ride facilities, one in Cleveland and one in Milwaukee. They offer these options:

• Annual pass. Unlimited access for $350 per year.

• Day pass. Roughly $20 to $27 depending on the day.

• 2-day weekend pass: $46 for Saturday and Sunday.

• 3-day weekend pass: $56 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Since you probably won’t become a destination like Ray’s, it seems like you can offer an annual membership and a simple day rate. The numbers should reflect your local ridership and economy. My guess would be $100 per year to shred at will; $5-10 to ride any particular day.

You could run sessions like a skating rink, but that seems too complex.

Hey you readers, what ideas do you have?


Know more. Have more fun!

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