Designing a pump track for Stafford Lake Bike Park

Hand tools are stacked in the garage, but the Mac is fired up. I’m working on a pump track design for the Stafford Lake Bike Park in Marin.

The advanced pump track is being designed by Mark Weir. I’m rocking the intermediate/race track.

Step one for a project like this is understanding the requirements.

• Intermediate pump track
• Fit the assigned space
• Work with existing slope (13 foot drop across the track area, which is significant)
• Allow head-to-head racing (this makes things trickier)
• One main loop with no alternate lines
• Crossover to equalize line length (if needed)
• Ridable for all levels
• Jump options
• Fast and fun (of course)!

Working out some ideas:

Software note: Even though Adobe killed this application to make us all use Illustrator, I still prefer FreeHand for a lot of my work.

This is a tricky, interesting design job. Fun!


Know more. Have more fun!

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