Are there diminishing returns from ongoing pump track use?

This is one of the best questions in a long time. That’s why it got buried in my email.

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Popular Mechanics magazine: How to build a pump track

A story in Popular Mechanics magazine is a sure sign the Pump Track Nation is going mainstream.

Check out the spread:

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Lyons Bike Park Maintenance and Clean Up Day

This Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We’re gonna clean things up and get the pump track super dialed for Worlds. The city bought 30 yards of filtered topsoil, so it’s gonna be good!

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Sea Otter Speed and Style 2012

This year we ran the second-ever Sea Otter Classic Speed and Style event. It was speedy and stylish.

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Front suspension for a pump track bike?

Hi Lee,

I bought the book and built one of your tracks. Then bought your MTB book and the bmx book.

Now I want to buy a dedicated pumptrack bike but am trying to be cost effective.

Two questions:

Question 1: Do I want/need a front shock for pump track? Some things I read seem to say no others seem to think it is cool.

Question 2: Should I get a bmx, cruiser or dirt jump 26″? I ride my Santa Cruz Nomad on the trails and tried to convert my Kona Humu but it has too long of chain stays.

I live on an island and have dealer representation for Kona (downside), Redline (d-26) and Specialized (P.1). These are all 26″ dirt jumpers but I do rock best right now on my daughters 24″ Torker! Should I get a 24″… 20″

Let me know if you have thoughts. You are my mentor. I will learn the Kung fu…

Best Wishes,


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Soiltac for pump track?

Hey Lee,

The Turner Posse is building a pumptrack at our house and wondered what your thoughts are on using Soiltac to reduce maintenance and retain consistency? Thanks Lee, we love your witty (and usually insightful) responses. See you out there, BRAAAAAPP!!

Kind Regards,

Bill T. and the boys

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Specialized pump track concept bikes

By now many you have seen the Specialized StumpPumper concept bike elsewhere on the interweb. Some hate it, some love it. I like it.

I think I’m gonna make a real-life concept bike: the P.PUMP

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Pedaling while pump-manualing?

This question is spurred by Pedaling in attack position?


Do you have any pro tips how to pump-manual while still pedalling? It’s OK to me if I want to do it on a table-top or with a small speed, but when the speed goes up and bumps get bigger I can’t keep up with the terrain…



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Feet and hips, feet and hips

I’m always impressed at how the same basic movement patterns seem to apply to all sports. Two of the most important dynamics for a mountain biker are 1) staying balanced on your feet and 2) driving powerfully from your hips.

Those skills are also important in the NFL. Today I had an All Pro linebacker on my pump track, and he killed it.

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10-lap pump track radness intervals

Thank goodness for pump tracks, and double-extra thank goodness for the pump track in my yard. So far this winter, I’ve been trying to mix up base intervals on the trainer and radness intervals on the pump track. That’s when I’m not shoveling snow off the track.

Check out this action. It might give you some ideas for your own training.

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Cold and snowy, but pumping it up

The pump track in my yard has seen a few hundred laps, and it’s bedding in nicely. Thanks to diligent snow shoveling, Farid and I enjoyed a nice sesh yesterday.

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Testing my pump track

Phase 2 of my pump track is built and ready to pack. Today I did a little flow testing. These images are so-so, but they show how the track flows.

I am super stoked with the track. It’s fun to ride, and it accomplished its goals.

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