Popular Mechanics magazine: How to build a pump track

A story in Popular Mechanics magazine is a sure sign the Pump Track Nation is going mainstream.

Check out the spread:

Low res so you have to buy the June, 2012 issue of Popular Mechanics. The editors tell me the article and additional material will be posted online.

I am not jazzed with the inaccuracies, but I’m stoked Mark Weir and I were used as sources — and I’m super stoked to see Pump Track Nation in a national magazine.

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  1. John K. says:

    Me too. I’ve been a big fan of your site Lee for many years, and this spring you inspired me to build a pump track in the backyard.

    Our backyard is steep (20% grade), but we’ve managed to make it so you have enough speed to make it around the uphill corner. Two pedal strokes at the top and you’re off again!

    The only problem is the whole family is having so much fun on the pump track I’m not riding the trails nearly as much anymore…

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