Soiltac for pump track?

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The Turner Posse is building a pumptrack at our house and wondered what your thoughts are on using Soiltac to reduce maintenance and retain consistency? Thanks Lee, we love your witty (and usually insightful) responses. See you out there, BRAAAAAPP!!

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Bill T. and the boys

Hey Bill,

Thanks for writing.

I think Soiltac would be awesome on a pump track. It’s a biodegradable polymer that binds soil particles together. Depending on how much you use, you can harden a dirt path, build a military runway or dial an Olympic BMX track. As a matter of fact, it’s used on many major BMX tracks. If you work it right, the surface is like concrete.

I’ve had a five-gallon bucket of Soiltac for a while, and I plan to try on my own pump track. I’ll report when I find time to mess with it.

Soiltac doesn’t sell five-gallon buckets any more. You have to buy a 55-gallon drum, which, as I recall, is about $500 with shipping. That will treat a lot of pump tracks.

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Let us know if you try it!


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  1. chance says:

    The stuff is amazing… the local track I grew up on uses it and that track is like lee said like concrete. I would see if there is a local track that you could pick up 5 gallon bucket or two from for cheep since, they say that you can only store the product for 18 months and only need to apply it every 12 months. It would be a lot of money to by the big drum if you are only going to have one 200 linear foot track.
    I am working on building a bike park here in Eagan MN and thinking about the drum and there are 3 pump tracks and a jump line and I would have extras…. Great product though. The lady I talked to said if you apply it properly you shouldn’t have to touch it the rest of the summer but I know my home bike track still waters occationally!
    Good luck on your pump track build

  2. chance says:

    However you will want to make sure you have your track 100% how you want it before you apply the product, because again like lee said when it sets up it will be like concrete and you will have to break through the top layer either with a pick axes or skid steer and then water it down a lot or crush and mix it with the other dirt to break down the product to re-work it, thats the only draw back i can think of

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