10-lap pump track radness intervals

Thank goodness for pump tracks, and double-extra thank goodness for the pump track in my yard. So far this winter, I’ve been trying to mix up base intervals on the trainer and radness intervals on the pump track. That’s when I’m not shoveling snow off the track.

Check out this action. It might give you some ideas for your own training.

When I ride with other people, we do one or two laps at a time, going for speed and coolness. This grows power, skill and comradery, but when I’m alone and working, I’m all about efficiency.

10-lap pump track radness intervals develop all the goods:

• Aerobics
• Anaerobics
• Strength
• Mobility
• Speed
• Skill
• Confidence
• Sanity!

86 … Photo by Chris McNally, www.chrismcnally.com


• Warm up on the trainer (optional). Today I cleared 2 inches of ice from my garage roof. That warmed me up so much I had trouble holding onto the bars. No matter: light hands, heavy feet.

• Ride 10 laps. I mix up the routes and switch directions and lead feet. On this demanding track, heart rate usually hovers at 160 to 165 bpm, which is right around my red line. Perfect in case, say, I get to race downhill at a certain event in Monterey this spring. If I crush you on my Stumpjumper 29 EVO, don’t be shocked!

• Rest until the heart rate drops to 110. This lets me maintain an aerobic workload with enough recovery to maintain decent form. Also: The rest isn’t so long I start feeling fat.

• Ride another 10 laps.

• Repeat.

If I have time, I’ll ride 10 sets of 10 laps, which is about all I can currently handle. Today I rolled 6 sets of 10 before babysitting the bugs.

87 … Photo by Chris McNally, www.chrismcnally.com

Today’s ride

I’m publishing this to give you ideas for your own pump track radness intervals. The longer and harder you can work, and the less time you need for recovery, the faster/better/longer you can rip real trails. Not to mention the incredible skills you build with the pump.

• 10 short laps counterclockwise – 3:34
• Rest – 0:54
• 10 short laps clockwise – 3:58
• Rest – 1:23
• 10 long laps counterclockwise – 4:30
• Rest – 1:27
• 10 long laps clockwise – 4:23
• Rest – 1:26
• 10 short laps counterclockwise – 3:37
• Rest – 1:32
• 10 short laps clockwise – 3:37
• Rest – 1:30

Work time: 23:48
Total time: 32:00

Real trails might be more fun, but this is doing the job.



Know more. Have more fun!

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