Riding my backyard pump track!

This track is as old as The Bugs, which makes it almost five years young. Finally, here are some riding videos: one of the kids, one of the dads.

Mega massive thanks to the brilliant James Hall, who led the build and made these videos.

First the kids:

Riding by Oli Reynolds and Finley & Fiona McCormack.

Now the grownups:

Riding by James Hall, Evan Turpen, Forrest Reynolds and me, Lee McCormack.

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Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. Max says:

    I have pump track envy! That just looks like so much fun.
    I also have a question about arm/wrist position when pumping. I notice that some people cock/flex their wrist more at the grip that leads to a more elbows out position, and others keep their wrist more perpendicular to the bar and elbows more inline with their body. Which is correct? Or more effective?


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