P3: an even better tool for the job?

At my coaching office (Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO) I generally churn out laps on a carbon, suspended 29er: either a Specialized Camber or Enduro. Up the dirt road, down the slalom or slopestyle, repeat, then some pump track and dirt jump laps. It’s park riding for old guys — or is it XC training for someone who prefers sine waves?

I dunno, but it’s fun, and it gives me enough skill and fitness to function in most places.

Railing the S-Works Enduro 29. The wrong tool for this job? Nope.

Yesterday I did a photo shoot for a new IMBA book (I wrote a couple chapters). The art direction called for a pump track shred shot, so I brought out the mighty Specialized P3 dirt jump bike.

This, my friends, is a dialed little beast: P3 frame, FOX 831 fork, Shimano XT drivetrain, XTR brakes, XT Trail wheels, Saint pedals, PRO stem/bar/post, Gamut chain guide and, yes, a Stages power meter. I am that middle aged guy with sick bikes and imperceptible steeze.

So anyway: I’ve ridden Valmont’s pump tracks as much as most humans, and I ride them pretty well on the big wheels with suspension. The P3 … that’s a whole different game.

WOW! FAST! Connected! Aggressive!

There’s nothing wrong with the big bike, but this, right here, is a new level of right.

It’s crazy what the smaller, stiffer wheels do. And the shorter rear end. And the overall lowness and attackitude. What fun.

As much as I love the Camber and Enduro for all-around shredding, I’m excited to spend more time on the P3, aka the Ginsu berm carver.

I’ll post yesterday’s photos when I obtain the rights to do so.

Have fun out there,


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Know more. Have more fun!

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