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leelikesbikes is 10 years old!

Too bad I learned this when my 10-year domain registration expired, but everything’s working again and all is good.

10 years ago I had some bike stories to tell, so I whipped up a little site for my friends Now I have almost 40,000 friends each month.

Thanks everyone for your support!

Big things are afoot. Stay tuned.

A big day at the bike park

It’s official: The Bugs are now mountain bikers.

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Ryan Leech and the cons of being pro

So much wisdom in this story by Ryan Leech. I swear an entire essay can be written about each paragraph. Brilliant illustrations too.

Check out Ryan Leech and the Cons of Being Pro.

Even if you’re not a pro rider, you might identify with some of the struggles Leech talks about. I sure do.

Tackling long essays

A little change of pace, but a useful one. Clear writing is one of the most useful — and bankable — skills you can develop.

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As my favorite chart shows, fun happens at the intersection of challenge and skill. As long as you’re trying new things and working your kung fu, you’ll be having fun.

One of the many rad things about cycling: There are a zillion ways to improve your abilities and gajillion ways to challenge yourself.

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Off the clock

Just got back from an hour “off the clock” at Valmont Bike Park.

What a great little adventure — and a test of the new 2.3 Specialized Renegade.

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Mountain bike shoulder fun

Hey Lee,

I read your articles involving your shoulder surgeries and issues. I myself have a torn labrum and am looking into surgery due to the instability of my shoulder and it’s frequent dislocation. I was curious if you went with the open surgery or if yours was laproscopic and how that is working out for you as a rider. On a lighter note, i’ve purchased all three of your books and can’t put them down. Thanks for such a great contribution to the biking community.

Jordan C.

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Hope for aging, busy people

Last week, before we re-built the Lyons pump track, I rolled a new 100-lap record. This is despite more work and family time — and way less time on dirt. It gives me hope.

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Spreading the braaap gospel

I’m in the Cabella’s parking lot in Reno (gotta check out the aquarium with the largemouth bass — so rad), taking care of work and saying “Whew!”

It’s been a heck of a two weeks:

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Do you ride for Nick’s eyes?

24-year-old ripper Nick Moore from Demon Dirt and Demon snow has a degenerative eye disease that requires an expensive surgery. Friends in the bike industry have donated lots of cool items to help raise money.

Check out the eBay auction.

Auction items include bike frames, helmet cam, tires, bars, stems, pedals, wheels, sunglasses and signed copies of Pro BMX Skills and Mastering Mountain Bike Skills 2nd Edition.

Another fire!

A fire is burning in Boulder Canyon. I canceled today’s skills clinic and am staying home in case we need to evacuate again.

Feeling pretty anxious.

11:45 a.m. Friday – The order came in: Prepare to evacuate.

1:15 p.m. Friday – Van contains the essentials: P.3, Stumpy, Enduro (Tricross is race-prepped at Boulder Cycle Sport); trainer; laptop; cameras; MMBSii books; Ian’s X-box and clothes; family photos; essential papers; a bag of my dirty clothes; diapers; baby wipes. The Wife is handling baby supplies and her clothes. I’ll grab this Mac workstation last thing. Prepared for the worst. Hoping for the best.

5 p.m. Friday – Waiting. The latest map shows the fire 2-3 miles and 1-2 ridges away from the house.

10 p.m. Saturday – Whew. The fire is mostly contained, and evacuations have been lifted. This morning was looking good, and today The Wife, babies and I attended the Golden Bike Park grand opening. I had a great time riding the flow trail and pump track. I’m all ready to race the Boulder Cup cyclocross in the morning. The back of the van is crowded — it’s still packed for evacuation.

Thanks to all who sent good wishes, and thanks to the firefighters. Rock!