The developing adventure of our Twins!

Not riding much, but still riding better


Just a note to say thanks!

I became a dad this year, so getting on actual trails hasn’t been a priority. But I’ve been working my way through Mastering Mountain Bike Skills, and I recently checked out the video that the guys from TrainerRoad put together about their clinic with you.

After ~2 months without any trail time, I finally had a couple hours this weekend to get out. I headed down a local favorite descent with zero intention of trying for speed. Instead, just thought about floating over the bumpy stuff, braking in the “heavy spots”, and leaning the bike over in the turns.

Result: I felt far more in control, had way more fun floating and dancing over the shape of the trail, and ended up just 2 seconds behind my PR.

Once I make time to dial in the muscle memory, I’ll be far faster than I was, and have more fun.


Chris Raser

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Interview with

Here’s an edgier-than-normal interview I did with Norman at Among other things, we covered:

The toughest boss I’ve ever had (me).
My beginnings as a rider.
The movie that made me quit my old life to start this one.
The hows and whys of RipRow.
Understanding when you should go for a big jump or other obstacle. 

Check it out:

The joy of not racing

Last weekend was a big deal in Winter Park, CO. You had the Air Downhill, the Enduro World Series, the Slopestyle, some cross country and more I’m sure.

I didn’t compete at all. It felt strange, but it was good.

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A big day at the bike park

It’s official: The Bugs are now mountain bikers.

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The Twins are a year old!

It is SO hard to get them both to sit still long enough for a photo.

Finley likes the grassy DH.

Fiona likes the slide.

Back from the beach

Just returned from a week of family fun time in Cabo San Lucas. It was quite the adventure with lots to tell, but for now:

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Long but fruitful day

Whipped out a user interface for a securitization document sharing application,
fed babies,
finished redesigning a commercial mortgage origination application,
kissed babies,
submitted a contract to build the Sea Otter pro pump track,
carried babies,
wrangled feedback for a new high school mountain bike racing website,
sang to babies,
edited photo credits for Mastering Mountain Bike Skills 2nd Edition,
rescued Ian after he got stuck in the snow,
helped put babies to sleep,
did two 10-minute strength circuits framed by three 10-minute trainer intervals,
ate awesome food made by the equally pinned Wife,
wrote an important business letter
and told you all about it.
Now it’s time to hang with The Wife.
Sleep (not too long). Repeat.

Testing the off-mountain training

It’s been the toughest but most awesome winter of my life. I did tons of work, finished two books and helped create and maintain two humans. That meant six months of training “off the mountain.”

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24 hours of pinned-ness

I’ve always wanted to do a 24-hour race, but I was afraid I couldn’t go that long without sleeping.

For the past five months, the babies have made me tougher and tougher.

I’m ready.

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The Twins at six weeks

Whew. It’s already been six weeks. Here’s a quick update and a few photos.

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First time alone with The Twins

Oh man. I have seen the other side. And it isn’t pretty.

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The Twins: They’re heeee-eeerre!!!

As of this morning, everything is different. Something in my heart got unlocked. It got shaken loose, and now it’s flowing through me. I’ve heard parents say it, but I never understood. So this is love. That unconditional, universal, unbeatable love of a parent for his baby. Make that babies.

Ladies and gentlemen … meet Finley and Fiona.

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