The Twins: They’re heeee-eeerre!!!

As of this morning, everything is different. Something in my heart got unlocked. It got shaken loose, and now it’s flowing through me. I’ve heard parents say it, but I never understood. So this is love. That unconditional, universal, unbeatable love of a parent for his baby. Make that babies.

Ladies and gentlemen … meet Finley and Fiona.

Finley, 4 lbs. 6 oz., 18 inches long

Fiona, 4 lbs. 13 oz., 19 inches long

Cutting the cord. One of the cords.

Hey Mom, look what you made!

Hey Ian, meet your baby sisters.

Dude … it’s bright! Fiona (left) and Finley.

Oh, so that’s what you look like.

After the weigh-in, Fiona went to sleep. Finley fussed.

Settling in.

I don’t have all the words yet, but I’ll tell you this: Everything has changed. Everything.

The girls are little — only in the 10th percentile sizewise for their gestational age — but they are breathing, eating and looking great. As long as we keep them fed and warm, they’ll soon be having tea parties, snapping BMX gates and breaking boys’ hearts!

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  1. tea party says:

    Totally brings tears to my eyes! Sooo happy for you guys! They are gorgeous! I love their names! As for the tea parties and snapping gates….:)

  2. Chuck says:

    Lee, great post! I know the feeling you are experiencing (twice!)- it truly is the greatest feeling in the world. Well done!

  3. Keoni says:

    Congratulations to you and your family. Parenthood will take you on a ride like no singeltrack ever will. I’m sure you will love every mile.

  4. calma says:

    Congradulations to BOTH of you.

    Yes, being a parent puts a totally different perspective on life.

    Hope Mom is doing well to.

    From the Calma Family

  5. Hermine Ngnomire says:

    Congrats! I am so happy for the two, well four of you. God Bless.

    Oh, what you want for dinner cause I’m bringing something over this evening. You can eat it or warm it for later. Just let me know.

    -Hermine & Arianna

  6. Hannah Lewis says:

    Congrats to you both!!! God Bless your new, larger family! The girls are adorable, and I’m so happy they arrived safe, sound, and healthy. Give mama a big hug for me. It is amazing that I can already see some of you both in their faces, what a great day!

  7. Becki says:


    Now let’s see you put those diagramming skills to work and design an 8″ travel Strider bike!

  8. Ron Gager says:

    Lee: We are SO HAPPY for you and @B; what a trail you have ahead of you….lots of twists and turns, bumps and jumps, probably a few wipe outs, but most of all, more joy and love than you could have ever imagined. As a father of an 18-year old version of those beautiful girls, I can only wish you the best and will be happy to loan you my shotgun when those boys come calling. Love ya!

  9. Emma Cinco says:

    On behalf of the gang in Sausalito – CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to a great adventure. Hugs and kisses to Finley and Fiona

  10. Suzy Cameleon says:

    Hang with the birthing high as long as you can. It’s an experience that you should never forget and not all get to have. Be well and take good care of Mommy.
    May God’s Peace be with you all, including the little bitty ones.

  11. Jeff says:

    Congratulations LEE! You guys are all gonna be awesome 🙂 Enjoy all the moments (even the ones when you’re pulling out your hair)!

  12. Eric H says:

    Lee, be blessed by how “everything” has changed and just know it gets even better…even when it’s worse, it’s still better than what your life was before.

    Congrats and God’s blessing on your family.

  13. Kristi and Richard Maida says:

    Yahoo!!!!! Yippee for twins! Your girls can marry our expectant twin boys. 🙂 I just knew they were girls! Congratulations to all of you!

  14. lisa cohen says:

    Arlette and Lee
    Congratulations on the sweetest girls in the world!!!!
    It brings such great joy to see these little darlings for the 1st time!! They are just precious and already full of personality!
    Lots and lots of love
    Lisa and Mischa xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  15. Jerry Harcek says:

    Congrats, Lee! If you think you love them now, just wait til you get to know their personalities better. And Striders are the shiz. My little girl (2 months shy of 3) loves hers, and already has a favorite sk8pk (Denver Public).

  16. Peter says:

    Hey Lee, Well done and welcome to the parenthood club! It is not exclusive or particularly glamourous but it is cool, highly educational and FUN! Nothing else matters, except maybe going for a blast on the bike. Best wishes from your bros in Oz!

  17. leelikesbikes says:

    Thanks again everyone.

    We’re home now. The mayhem hit as soon as we walked in.

    Lessons of the day:

    – Wash and prepare the bottles BEFORE you go to the hospital, not when it’s time to feed.

    – If you’re using cloth diapers, you need a container for the dirty diapers (done) AND a container for the dirty wipes. Uh … duh …

    – No matter who you are, no matter what you do, your wife is more bad ass than you.

  18. Daymon Johnson says:

    Lee & @b,

    Dude! I’m so happy to see that everything is ok, and the little ones are here! That class I had the chance to sit in with you at CCRM with my wife Dana, was a tough one for eveyone, and I really think it helped me understand and appreciate the journey to parenthood more than I ever could have before.

    You both had a struggle, and you’ve now come through that and now your lives are going to be so different. I shed a tear when I saw them, because I thought about you and @b, and I knew that your hearts have now been filled with that emotion that all of us longs for. Love.

    Congrats to the both of you and I hope to meet them one day soon!!! BTW, I’m still in the market for a road bike…need your imput sometime!

  19. alex rankin says:

    love reading your site over past few years, congrats on the kids, they look perfect your going to love it, trust me, I know. thanks alex

  20. Keith Newsome says:

    Congratulations! You’re right the moment your child or in your case children enters into this word, life takes on new meaning. Welcome to the 40 something parent club. God Bless…

  21. sylvana says:

    GURRRL and LEE,

    These babies are gorgeous!!! Of course they should be. Enjoy your bambinas and Arlette gurrl you just rock!!!! Kisses and kismet,love and light


  22. Sabine says:

    Hi Lee,

    cant get into touch with Arlette via her email…so:
    CONGRATULATIONS to the 2 of you…and especially well done to Arlette (sorry Lee, after all she did all the hard work 😉 )…I am so pleased that all went well and you guys got yourself some goodlookin’ babies.
    Lots of love from Brisbane/ Down Under & Again, CONGRATULATIONS and all the best for Parenthood,


  23. John Guio says:

    Congrats! Hope you and the Wife are getting your rest when you can. Makenna and Charolett THE GUIO TWINS are doing great. They are almost 5 months old but still only 12lb and 10lbs. They are small but kicking butt, rolling around front to back back to front and 360s.. HAHA
    Wish you guys the best of luck. Make sure you Keep them on the same schedule….Wake one wake the other and to bed the other goes to bed… This is the best advise ever!

  24. Leslie Armstrong Johnson says:

    Congradulations both of you and welcome to the girls! Must say, seeing them was not near the shock of seeing Ian! Oh Arlette, I so look forward to the day I can see you all in person.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox I am so happy for you.

  25. Stephanie Newman says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I can’t wait to meet you & the brood. Give Arlette a great big hug for me please!

  26. Ginger Ikeda says:

    Hey, Lee, Oh, wow! Yosei told me back when that these sweeties were due in a few weeks. I wish I had checked your website sooner – I have this huge grin on my face feeling your awe and wonder (and exhaustion) — CONGRATULATIONS to you and your wife. Yes, your heart opens up and goes to new places 🙂 So glad everyone is healthy. Your daughters are beautiful! All my best…

  27. Jim and Julie Barber says:

    They’re adorable – congrats to you both. Now the fun begins! Hope everyone is doing well.

  28. rosie and bill martin says:

    Congratulations and all the best! Adorable little sisters for Kate and Ian. Do 2 halves make a whole? Rosie and Bill

  29. Jasmine Haralson says:

    Arlette I am soooooo very happy for you and Lee. We can never say that wonderful and amazing gifts didn’t result from Hurricane Katrina. I can’t wait to meet the chicks in person. Love you all!!! Jas

  30. Bunki Chip and Armen says:

    How sweet it is! Congrats and hugs to the new family – all of you. Yes, how things have changed for you – but put two wheels (and skis if you want) between those legs and you are in for the time of your life. They may be little chicks now but in a blink those girls will rock and that’s a whole different sort of ride. They will keep you young and straight up. Can’t wait to meet Fiona and Finley………….Bunki Chip and Armen!

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