Back from the beach

Just returned from a week of family fun time in Cabo San Lucas. It was quite the adventure with lots to tell, but for now:

– I love swimming in the ocean, and I did so much of it my shoulders barely work. Totally worth it.

– Swimming in the ocean, eating ceviche, drinking margaritas and hanging with the babies by the pool are enjoyable activities, especially when performed in that order for several days straight.

– Twin girls aren’t just cute; they’re useful: We were stuck in a huge immigration line and about to miss our connecting flight. Fiona started screaming. Everyone looked uncomfortable. The officials ushered us to the front. Ha!

Back to work. Lots of coaching this weekend, plus the Lyons Outdoor Games. My shoulders are toast, but my legs are fresh, baby, fresh!

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  1. Tea Party says:

    Good for you guys! You’ve deserved a trip like this for sooo long! Glad to hear it finally happened!!!

  2. JimV says:

    Twins are useful in some many applications!

    We took out 2-yr old twins with us to the bank when we refinanced. And when the loan officer had a lot of minor questions, we let the twins loose in her office.

    At the same time that we were negotiating with the bank, we said to the twins:

    “No, sweetheart, put that back.”
    “No, no, no. That’s belongs to the lady.”
    “Don’t touch”

    In 2 minutes, our loan was approved and we were out of there.

    Use the power, but never abuse it!


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