Off duty, but on it

I’m taking a week off for family fun time, but I can’t get totally soft.

Grandmas, moms, brothers, wives and babies are hanging out, learning to crawl, learning about the pool, getting their first teeth, you know, all the good baby stuff.

I’m eating way too much — and getting sleep! — and it feels great.

Rest is important, but I have serious work next week: training the first Colorado high school mountain bike league coaches, coaching some Boulder Mountainbike Alliance honches and let’s not forget the Lyons Outdoor Games pump track comp.

Must. Stay. Sharp.

Yesterday’s workout:

– 10 sets of 184 stairs, run hard enough to hurt.

– Three sets of see-saw lunges and divebomber pushups.

– Two poolside margaritas. One would have been plenty.

– A few hundred yards of pool swimming. The shoulders made horrible noises, but it feels great to be in the water.


– More family fun time.

– Open water swimming!

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