Public clinic June 19 for Boulder Walk and Bike Month!

Hey all, I’m doing a special bro-price public clinic to support Boulder Walk and Bike Month. This is your chance to learn the good stuff for cheap. Bring a loved one. Tell a friend!

When: Noon to 3 p.m. Saturday, June 19

Where: The CU Research Park in Boulder (I would have rocked Lyons Bike Park, but this is Boulder Walk and Bike Month). The Research Park has lots of fun terrain in a small area.

What you’ll learn: We’ll cover the essentials — position, braking, corners and bumps — then we’ll do whatever the group wants (and is ready for).

Who this is for: All riders who want to increase their skill, confidence and fun on the bike. I teach this program to everyone from first-timers to pros, and everyone is equally stoked.

How many: Five riders minimum, 15 riders maximum.

Why: 1) This is the A-1 least expensive way to get a clinic with me. 2) You get a copy of Mastering Mountain Bike Skills 2nd Edition. 3) You’ll learn a ton. 4) We’ll have a great time.

Sign up: To secure your slot, please Paypal $50 to Tell me about your riding and what you hope to get from the clinic.

If you prefer to pay by cash or check, please email me and tell me you’re coming.

Questions: Email me at