Dig-day disappointment in Lyons

In the past year, the Lyons Bike Park has become a fixture of the community and a destination for the region. The entire project, from materials to equipment to final shaping, was driven by volunteers, and it really showed what a community can achieve with tiny budget and huge love.

Last year’s dig day was so teeming, I couldn’t thank everyone by name. Saturday’s dig day — the birthday spruce-up and prep for June’s Lyons Outdoor Games — was so sparse it’s easy to thank everyone individually.

Landscaper tough.

Here’s who showed up and what they did:

In the morning, Ian, Glenn from Bitterbrush Cycles and I re-worked the middle table on the table line. Someone had done some freelance digging. We fixed the damage and restored flow.

Yellow, Zach and Mike from Yellow Designs Stunt Team came in mid afternoon. We helped them place the big wooden takeoffs for the trick jumps.

One guy helped scrape weeds from the trick line while his kids rode.

That was it.

People who promised to show up didn’t. The dozens of riders who rolled through kept on rolling.

Maybe it was bad scheduling, maybe people were dreaming of Valmont Bike Park, maybe this was penance for the years when I rolled through.

I dunno. We did some good work and had some fun.

Freestyle legend and decent fellow Yellow tests the fresh table.

Board-and-bike bro’ Zach boosts Trick Jump #1 — for testing purposes of course.

The jumps look so cool painted yellow. Of course Yellow paints ’em yellow.

When you pump the beautiful backside of Table #2, thank master shaper Ian for his handiwork.

The Lyons Outdoor Games bike events are June 12. See you out there.

— Lee

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9 replies
  1. zach says:

    Even with the small crew we had some fun. Hopefully the turnout for the contest is better than the turnout for the dig day………..

  2. Simcik says:

    Memorial day is a tough day to rally troops I think. I unfortunately was riding out of town. Let me know if you need shovels out there next week getting ready for the comp. I will definitely be at the comp and am telling everyone!

  3. Glenn says:

    Hey guys,

    Just to let y’all know we are dividing the dj comp into 20 inch and 26 inch this year for Lyons Outdoor Games. $125.00 for each category.

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    We’re also doing a 40-plus category, with the emphasis on flying perfectly straight and keeping every muscle tense.

    I’m looking to win that one.

  5. Simcik says:

    I am for the split. Motocross is split into classes based on motor size, we should be split based upon wheel size. MTB and BMX are capable of different things and not directly comparable. Running an event where they are directly compared is not really fair to either in my opinion

  6. zach says:

    I see what you are saying when it comes to racing but in Freestyle Motocross you ride what ever size bike you decide upon 125, 250, 450, it doesn’t mater you jump what you brought. I am on Lee’s boat though.

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