The developing adventure of our Twins!

Three hours of XC love

Today was my last chance for a big XC ride, at least for a while. I took The Wife to breakfast, assembled an infant car seat then met some dudes at Heil Ranch. We climbed then descended, climbed then descended. The climbing felt good — comfortable and strong. The descending — well — BRAAAP! The book is done for now, and we’re pretty much ready for the kids. What a treat to let it all go for a few hours: railing turns, pumping rocks, seeking good lines but riding whatever appeared in front of me.

Whoa that’s a big rock! Might as well go straight over it.

The Twins will be here Wednesday!!!

We’ve had a heck of a time over here with health scares, hospital stays and 3x-a-week tests, but The Wife has held on, and it looks like we’re gonna make it to our Sept. 30 delivery date.

A week from today, the world will contain two more little rippers! I’m pinned getting ready for them and trying to deliver the MMBSii art (242 photos and drawings) before they arrive. Soon I’ll be pinning diapers.

Who are these little people? We’ll know soon!

The Twins: 28 weeks and dialed

We’re visiting the OB every two weeks. Mom is feeling better, and the babies are well within spec. The baby shower is this Sunday (after I build the Keystone pump track). I’ve already bought the equivalent of an S-Works Enduro at Babies R Us. Working hard, filling the checking account, gathering stuff, getting ready.

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The Twins: Growing at 26 weeks

The Twins are in their sixth month and rocking. Of note:

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The Twins: Rocking strong at 16 weeks

The Wife and I got an ultrasonic peek today, and The Twins are starting to look like little people — movin’ and groovin’ and makin’ big plans.

Mom has been extra-double sick for months, but she’s starting to enjoy some windows of OK-ness. Today she called me from Safeway, and by the time I arrived she had two cart-fulls. Donuts? Fish sticks? Lemon merengue pie? Hey, if you can hold it down, it’s all good!

All systems are go.

The priority shift has begun

I was at the skate park this morning, hanging out, talking about bikes, waiting for a line to clear, when this guy walked by with a BOB Revolution Duallie stroller. Sick!

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A little slice of fun

I had high hopes to ride trail today, but noooooooo … work, groceries, family dinner, more work … I did, however, enjoy a little braaap.

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Growing …

Here are the Twins at about 9 weeks and 2cm in length. They are healthy and rocking — starting to look like gingerbread men with their little arm buds. Baby B wants to turn the throttle and say Braaap!, but he/she’s just can’t figure it out yet.

The Wife has been super sick, which is not cool. But she has that super-hot milf-to-be glow, and that is very cool!

… growing

Coming this fall!

The Wife and I are having two little babies!!! Here they are, just 6.5 weeks after they were conceived.

They already have names. Baby A is 7.5 mm long and rocking steady at 118 bpm. Baby B is 6 mm long and pinning it at 130 bpm.

OK riders, let’s set ’em up! …

— Lee