The Twins: 28 weeks and dialed

We’re visiting the OB every two weeks. Mom is feeling better, and the babies are well within spec. The baby shower is this Sunday (after I build the Keystone pump track). I’ve already bought the equivalent of an S-Works Enduro at Babies R Us. Working hard, filling the checking account, gathering stuff, getting ready.

New Daddy Boot Camp was pretty cool. My main takeaways:

1) Changing a diaper isn’t that hard. Wipe toward the source!

2) Everything is going to change. The things that have defined me as a person (fully pinned, full time) will not work with the babies. It’s time to slow down and enjoy the moments. Probably a good idea anyway.

Throwing down on a stroller. The B.O.B. dual stroller is the standard, sort of like an XT drivetrain. But The Wife and I want to go all the way with a Mountain Buggy. It’s like a full XTR, carbon S-Works Enduro. Almost twice the price of the B.O.B., but probably the only wheeled action I’ll be getting for a while!

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  1. Matt Begin says:

    I don’t know if you’ve already purchased but I have a 14month old and a bun in the oven and have been using a single BOB. We’re now looking at a double stroller as well. We run ALOT and hike. I just look at the Mountain Buggy and my only hangup is the smaller wheels. The big wheels make it so much easier to push and smoother over any terrain. Just a thought. Good luck and congrats!


  2. Dave says:

    Hey Lee-
    Love the site and the books! Building a pump track at the high school where I work in Amherst, NH.

    Good luck with the twins, and the checking account never seems to be full enough.

    Come east sometime! Our riders and students would love a visit from the master.

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