A little slice of fun

I had high hopes to ride trail today, but noooooooo … work, groceries, family dinner, more work … I did, however, enjoy a little braaap.

I parked the Sprinter at Safeway and unloaded the Mighty Stumpjumper. Clipped in and pedalled across town to The Fix.

Lowered the Speedball three inches and hit some berms and jumps. With all that traction — dialed suspension plus prototype Eskars with bigger side knobs (more on them soon) — the corners felt heroic.

Cruised over to the CU Research park. Hit a nice sized step-down, myriad berms, lots of little doubles and a new step-up. There’s something so sweet — so natural feeling — about jumping my trail bike. Even with a 90mm stem, high seat and clip-in pedals, it feels like home.

Spun an easy gear back to Safeway. Loaded the cart with toilet paper, paper towels and Ruffles — the originals, which my double-pregnant wife asked for specifically. On the last mission I bought two jars of pickles. Classic!

Back home. Dinner with the wife and kids. Back to work. Finishing up now at 10:30 p.m. Take a shower. Rub The Wife’s feet; The Twins are at 12 weeks and she is still super sick. I hope she feels better soon.


Know more. Have more fun!

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