A little slice of fun

I had high hopes to ride trail today, but noooooooo … work, groceries, family dinner, more work … I did, however, enjoy a little braaap.

I parked the Sprinter at Safeway and unloaded the Mighty Stumpjumper. Clipped in and pedalled across town to The Fix.

Lowered the Speedball three inches and hit some berms and jumps. With all that traction — dialed suspension plus prototype Eskars with bigger side knobs (more on them soon) — the corners felt heroic.

Cruised over to the CU Research park. Hit a nice sized step-down, myriad berms, lots of little doubles and a new step-up. There’s something so sweet — so natural feeling — about jumping my trail bike. Even with a 90mm stem, high seat and clip-in pedals, it feels like home.

Spun an easy gear back to Safeway. Loaded the cart with toilet paper, paper towels and Ruffles — the originals, which my double-pregnant wife asked for specifically. On the last mission I bought two jars of pickles. Classic!

Back home. Dinner with the wife and kids. Back to work. Finishing up now at 10:30 p.m. Take a shower. Rub The Wife’s feet; The Twins are at 12 weeks and she is still super sick. I hope she feels better soon.


Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. John says:

    Nice to see you’re making time for everything.
    Hope your wife gets better – mine spent most of her second pregnancy brown bagging MyLanta

  2. eason says:

    When my wife was pregnant PBR helped me throw up with her. It was very comforting and soothing for her edgy emotions.
    PBR: now in 24 ounce cans with sweet graphics.

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    PBR: funny

    Yeah Agustin, I’m seeing how easy it is to be good at your job/sport when that’s all you have to do.

    I’ve always thought the true studs were the men who could balance work, family and braaap. We’ll see how I do, eh?

  4. MW says:

    Kids/family = less time = more appreciation for every ride = focused fun = smiles = happy family. You’re embarking on a whole new ride and the terrain has changed but the brapppp is the same.

  5. Lou says:

    Hey Lee, Sounds like you already do this but for any new parents out there… The key is to always be ready to ride with bike, helmet, shoes, clothes, etc. in car so you can go any time. Conversely, you have to be mentally prepared to have your riding plans crushed by other commitments at any time as these often come up at the last minute. It’s all about being prepared and adaptable. That’s how you keep the balance. A pump track nearby does’nt hurt 😉

  6. Jim says:

    Clipped in?! I replaced the clip-ins with flats on all my mountain bikes a few years ago, based on BL’s comments in MMBS.

    Although my shins may not agree, it was a good idea and I learned a lot from it. Are you suggesting clip-ins are cool (at my age, that’s a synonym for “acceptable”) on my trail bikes? Then I’d only ride flats on the BMX, street and downhill bikes (and, of course, the trainer)?

    I might have a tendency to swap pedals on my trail bike, depending on the riding I’m doing. Would that be cool?


    BTW, my twins are almost 8. I thought they were fantastic when they were born and they just get more fun and interesting as time goes on. Every month, season, and year is even better than the last one.

  7. leelikesbikes says:

    I definitely think it’s cool to mix it up.

    – Flats teach you to ride correctly, and they increase confidence in certain situations.

    – Clips deliver more power, and they provide greater control (if they’re your style).

    Riding flats makes me better in my clips. Sort of how riding the 20 (with flats) makes me feel like a superhero on my Stumpy (clipped in).

    Rode flats yesterday for a clinic. Rocked clips today for jumping.

    That’s awesome re: your twins! Mine are giving their mom a hard time, but they’re healthy and ready to pin it.

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