The Twins: Rocking strong at 16 weeks

The Wife and I got an ultrasonic peek today, and The Twins are starting to look like little people — movin’ and groovin’ and makin’ big plans.

Mom has been extra-double sick for months, but she’s starting to enjoy some windows of OK-ness. Today she called me from Safeway, and by the time I arrived she had two cart-fulls. Donuts? Fish sticks? Lemon merengue pie? Hey, if you can hold it down, it’s all good!

All systems are go.

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  1. hugo aguiar says:

    eh eh that is the small of all worries wait a few weeks and you will see,that´s life and it´s so beautiful in all shapes and matters it´s realy a make a double up and that´s is always good eh eh.just call and go all in.lucky one.

  2. John Guio says:

    Real Men Make TWINS.. That is the shirt my wife got me on Mothers day. Mother’s Day 2009 2 weeks ago is when My
    TWIN GIRLS were Born. It is Had to believe that Months back we were looking at a ultrasound like yours. Now they are 2 weeks old today and its amazing. Baby Charlotte was 3lb 15oz and spent 1 week in the NIKU. Makenna was 5lb 6oz. Both are home and doing great.I got 6 weeks off work and it has been really good. Tiring at first but it has been great.
    Good Luck.
    John Guio

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