The priority shift has begun

I was at the skate park this morning, hanging out, talking about bikes, waiting for a line to clear, when this guy walked by with a BOB Revolution Duallie stroller. Sick!

I ran over there and asked him all about it. How does it handle? Oh, the car seat goes there? Cool. Do you ever lock the front wheel? Really, just for jogging. Got it.

Finding a sweet stroller for twins is actually pretty tricky. Few of the big companies make them and, of course, the good ones are expensive.

We were considering the BOB, but I think we want to go full pro with a Mountain Buggy Double Urban Elite. It’s elegant. It has big pneumatic tires. It fits a carrycot on top for when the twins are tiny. It’ll work well from newborn to 3-4 years old, on-road and off. It’s kind of a Stumpjumper Pro Carbon — but for two little meatballs.


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