The priority shift has begun

I was at the skate park this morning, hanging out, talking about bikes, waiting for a line to clear, when this guy walked by with a BOB Revolution Duallie stroller. Sick!

I ran over there and asked him all about it. How does it handle? Oh, the car seat goes there? Cool. Do you ever lock the front wheel? Really, just for jogging. Got it.

Finding a sweet stroller for twins is actually pretty tricky. Few of the big companies make them and, of course, the good ones are expensive.

We were considering the BOB, but I think we want to go full pro with a Mountain Buggy Double Urban Elite. It’s elegant. It has big pneumatic tires. It fits a carrycot on top for when the twins are tiny. It’ll work well from newborn to 3-4 years old, on-road and off. It’s kind of a Stumpjumper Pro Carbon — but for two little meatballs.


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  1. Scott says:

    HA! Our REI rebate was used on a BOB. Biggest gear purchase of the year! Effin’ rad! Hopefully your kids’ll be better, but when our boy was too little to fit in the seat (though at 2 months, he’s sorta questionably big enough at this point), he was too fussy to put down for any length of time anyway.

    But seriously dude, after your recent comments of liking skill questions better than gear questions, you should be a bit ashamed of this post. ;-D You really should be discussing proper burping methods and other technique-related issues.

  2. Scott says:

    Oh, one more thing. Yesterday I saw someone pushing his kid on some type of jogstroller up Dakota Ridge. Sick tech!

  3. Bas says:


    My wife and me got this puppy ( about half a year ago when our little mermaid was getting big enough to keep her own head up. And it just rocks harder every time I ride with her!

    You can do some serious downhills with it; it’s got 8″ of rear wheel travel and corners like your bike. Unfortunately it only seats one meatball, so I guess your wife has got to start riding (and towing) too. Or two…

  4. Will says:

    Quick plug for the bob, and not so much for the parents, our daughter tumbled down 20 some odd steps in our bob (she was about 18 months at the time.) Thanks to beefy construction and a 5 point harness, she wasn’t even scratched and actually thought it was fun. Bad parenting aside, can’t wait till she can go riding with me 😀

    -Names and dates have been changed to protect the identities of the stupid 😀

  5. John says:

    Hi Lee,

    Hope things are going well, sense exited soon to be parent.

    Quick tip for what ever prams and cild seats you’re getting. Check to see how well you can buckle up/fold up/open up/what ever with just one hand (preferably the off hand).

    Makes huge difference if your good hand is free for child wrangling.

  6. MW says:

    Dont skimp and just get the Bob. I tried the cheaper brand and was left carring my kido miles from home with a broken wheel.I put a Cateye on our Bob and 2 kids later it pushing 1900 miles. I know Im bad dad but it has cleared many a table top with me running pinned over the driveway curbs ( helmets required) 🙂 I tell new active parents (not that you are new) you only need two things to survive that first year: a Bob stroller and a bucket of pasifier’s. one is to stop them from whinining and one to stop me 🙂

  7. mike says:

    Hey you may not know this, but go withthe BOB! When your jogging the larger wheels roll much better, and especially if the terrain is a little rough! The small wheels on the one you put up the link to will make your life much harder. I’ll make it easy to understand, try to ride a century on a Bike friday with 20″ wheels and then compare it to a 700c road bike. Any difference?

  8. Smaug says:

    Lee, love your site -congrats on the twins, maybe you can race’em!

    Check out the Chariot Carriers -they are the cats ass.

    We bought a single for our first fellah 4 years ago, sold it, and bought a double when we got our second dude. We use it on average 3 or 4 times/day everyday.

    Converts from big wheel jogger to little wheel pram to SKOOKUM bike trailer to ski polk in about 30 seconds with no tools.
    Aluminum cage, 5 point harness, infant ‘hammock’, roof rack (for carrying your stuff on top of it) and about a dozen other options.
    Goes from fresh air and ventilations to monsoon proof.
    150lb payload (kids + groceries, etc)
    20″ spoked rear wheels and your choice of 16″ single or a pair of shopping cart wheels.
    Leaf-style suspension! Works well, our guys never complain!
    Folds flat, fits in the Subaru no problem and flies for no extra charge.

    List of what we’ve done with ours:

    Only vehicle for 2 years while living on Baffin Island, Nunavut. Grocery getting at -30C in 60km/h winds was EASIER than driving! Role from the living room to the store and back to the fridge without taking the kids out of the sheapskins and hot water bottles -load groceries in the baskets built into it.

    Put skis and a polk system on it to go ski touring in BC and in Nunavut

    Put skis on it and bike trailer and rode the bike with studded tires around Frobisher Bay racing local dog teams

    Single track in Fernie BC

    Airport transit -some airlines will allow you to push it right to the plane door, fold it up and take it with you. A life saver.

    Pushed it over tundra, tidal flats, slickrock and packice.

    To and from babysitters/park/store/work/wherever every day by bike since this year (living in BC now -winters too). If the kids fall asleep, I wheel it onto the deck and throw a duvet over the whole thing.

    Downsides could be:
    -expensive (I’ve spent about $1k CDN on all the attachments)
    -kids don’t get that ‘up and exposed’ view
    -plastic weather cover gets brittle at -20C
    -a little wide, but just under 30″ it fits through all doors that are built to accommodate wheelchairs
    -doesn’t float (that creek crossing didn’t look as deep as it was…)

    I think they’re made in Calgary, but they are well distributed across Canada and the States. I have never seen another system that can rival it for function or durability and we have beat the crap out of this thing! Still roles great!

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