The Twins: Growing at 26 weeks

The Twins are in their sixth month and rocking. Of note:

The Twins at 26 weeks. They are pummeling each other in there.

Is feeling better, thanks. The morning-noon-night sickness is pretty much gone. That’s being replaced with a general feeling of hugeness. She gets bigger every day. But hotter too.

Baby growth
They’re almost the same size, which means they’re both getting nutrients from Mom. That’s good.

At 1 1/2 pounds, they’re only in the 25th percentile for singles, but twins are always smaller than single babies. So nothing to worry about.

Baby gender
We were adamant the doctors NOT tell us the genders.

No problem there, but the doctors kept asking whether the twins are identical or fraternal. “Fraternal!” I’ve been saying, because I saw two embryos get implanted, and the early ultrasounds show two little bugs.

But it’s unclear whether there are two fused placentas or one split one. Which means, conceivably, one embryo might not have made it, then the other one split into identical twins. The odds are low, but it’s possible. I doubt this happened, and at this point it makes no difference.

In a recent appointment, I finally made the connection: If they might be identical twins, then they must be the same gender.

So there you have it. We’re having two little boys or two little girls.

Getting ready
We have our list of must-haves, and the baby shower is scheduled for Aug. 2, here at the house. It is just amazing how much stuff babies need. (The Wife assures me you can never have too many blankets.) I hope friends and family throw down; otherwise I’ll be trading the Honda CRF450X for two of everything.

Join the club
Today we joined the support group/club Boulder County Parents of Twins and More. I found myself in a house filled with moms and babies. Lots of babies. Two of each.

Euphemism of the year
“Pelvic rest” is what you do (what you don’t do) when you’re rocking a high-risk pregnancy.

The more pelvic rest we get, the more I want to rip the pump track!

To sum it up
Mom and babies are well. I’m gearing up. Sept. 30 is the big day.

Braaap! Braaap! (Twin style)

— Lee

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