Video from Taos pump track

Courtesy of pump track spearheader (and video professional) Randolph Pierce.

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  1. dylan says:

    It seems like from the last pump tracks that u have built that the PTNIS (Pump Track Nation International Stamdard).
    Has changed some. Your last 2 tracks seem to be spaced closer then the said ten feet and the rise from the troughs seem to be over the one foot range. Is the Nation in need of an update?,

    And this video made me happy to see the latino kid out havein fun on the hand me down BMX. That kid was stoked.

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Very observant.

    I believe the 1:10 PTNIS spec is still the overall easiest, flowiest way to build a track for non-pumpers. The Taos track is meant to be beginner style. I had all the dirt, tools and manpower I needed, so I was able to be super precise.

    Lyons came out bigger/peakier than planned for a few reasons. 1) Time and resources. 2) It was laid out by a massive track hoe. 3) It was shaped by volunteers; I’m not gonna be too anal/demanding when people are donating their time! Lyons is a lot trickier to rip than Taos, but Lyons has a stronger riding community. So all good, I think.

    Fact is, there are lots of ways to build (and ride) and pump track. We’ve all learned a lot over the past few years. The next edition of Welcome to Pump Track Nation will explore a wider range of specs. Taller, closer, steeper — they all work, but for different types of riders.


    I just designed a pair of tracks — one beginner and one advanced — for a new bike park in Calgary.

    – The beginner track’s rollers use the 1 foot tall, 10 feet apart PTNIS standard.

    – The advanced track’s roller are 18 inches tall and 10 feet apart. Harder to ride, but faster and more braaap-ish.

    Yeah man, that track sees every bike from a decked out Nomad to an ancient 20. The neighborhood is Habitat for Humanity housing. Those kids are stoked!

  3. Pedro says:

    Hey, if you’re doing work in Calgary there are so many volunteers just waiting to do some shovel work! We’ve been in need of a bike park for at least 8 years so the city will stop tearing down our completely illegitimate jumps 🙂

  4. Robyn@VintageRedline says:

    Considering that video was shot the day after building the track, it looks like you had some awfully nice dirt to work with. Seems packed well and already ridden in.

    Looks like a great pump track, nice job.

    Pop Wheelies.

  5. Rob says:

    Oh the agony! Pump Track Nation is circling Calgary but has yet to attack. Time to get building in my backyard I guess!

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