See you at SolVista?

This will be a big weekend:

– Lots of cool people. I look forward to seeing everyone. Since I haven’t been racing, I miss the madhouse.

– Lots of racing on cool courses. I’d love to race DH, but I didn’t qualify. I’d LOVE to race Super D, but …

– I’ll be pinned shooting photos for Mastering Mountain Bike Skills II. I have a list of like 80 shots to get this weekend, so I’ll be all over the place. If you see me on course, you better get those elbows out!

(I have to shoot the Super D start for a new section in the book. Hmm … can I shoot the first wave then jump into my group? …)

How cool that SolVista is hosting the national championships. Just two years ago, we were first breaking trail: SolVista bike park: It’s on

Sweet. See you up there!