Sol Vista Bike Park: It’s on!

We’ve been talking and meeting and talking and meeting for about eight months, and now we’re finally building trails. Sol Vista Ski Area is about 20 minutes north of Winter Park, CO. The lift is free on weekends this summer, and the trails are going to be sweet!

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I’m in charge of paperwork, negotiating and signage; Steve Wentz is in charge of trails. He hired TJ Sharp and Mike Moga to help, and I’ll bet they’re building as you read this.

Last week the decision makers reviewed the proposed routes of four new trails — two blacks, a blue and a green — and they said “Sweet, go for it!” After I finished a marketing meeting yesterday, Moga gave me the tour.

Our palette. The developer basically said, “We don’t know anything about downhill bike trails; you guys build whatever you want.”

Follow the yellow ribbons.

New and improved log-drop on the revamped 2003 downhill course. There was an MSC that year, and people loved the trail.

Dude … sweet yummy flowy style.

Walk this way …

The trail comes from over there …

This looks like a GREAT place for a trail!

Nice view off the back of the mountain. The Fraser River is down there, with excellent trout fishing.

In the valley below, the sleepy town of Granby has no idea what’s coming.

The site has no info about the bike park, but here it is anyway:

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