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Lee – just picked up Mastering Mountain Bike Skills last week and am already benefiting from the info packed inside! It’s well written, fun to read and breaks down everything so the skills are easy to understand.

I’m 44 and just started riding again after about a 20 year absence. I started riding again after I was diagnosed with very high blood pressure and cholesterol. I’ve gone from 245 lbs to 200 lbs since the end of Feb. and the last 15 have been due to cycling. My BP and cholesterol are under control, too.

When my friend and client, Woody Itson of Satellite Sports Group (I’m the booking agent for their BMX shows) heard I was riding a junked out Huffy (an aptly named bike!) he used his connections to hook me up with a Trek Fuel EX 7, which should be here any day – can’t wait! I’ve been afraid to ride the Huffy Urban Assault Bike on anything but the road and a local rails to trails path, for fear of it falling apart around me as I rode. Don’t think that will be a problem with the new bike, huh?

Anyway, I’ve got another 30-40 lbs to go and look forward to putting more of the great info in your book to the test.


Humansville, MO (yes, Humansville)

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Yeah Mark!

You’re stoked, and I’m super stoked for you.

When I started riding I was well over 200 lbs at only 5-8. When someone said “Hey Fatass,” I responded. Cycling changed my life for the better, and here I am today — healthier, happier and rocking the rock!

New bike + new skills + new body = A new mindset and a whole new life


— Lee

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  1. John says:

    Lee how did you dump all your weight???? I am 5’6′ 220, but very solid just got the belly, I ride alot but it is still there, so how did you do it??? next ebook???

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    The weight came off on its own over the course of a few years. Give it time.

    I’d love to do a book about this. It’ll be called.


    But that’s all it would say! … 🙂

  3. leelikesbikes says:


    I started around 210 lbs

    In a few years I was totally obsessed, and I hit 155 lbs (and still thought I was fat — so screwed up)

    Over the next 15 years I corrected back to 160 … 165 … 170 … 175 … 180 … 185 … 190.

    Now I’m back to about 175 and feeling great. I think my body likes this weight. My wife likes it too — and I guess that’s what really matters!!!

  4. mb says:

    My upcoming e-book will address a very unpopular but effective weight loss plan for the masses. It will be a hot seller due to the extremely small file size resulting in ultra-fast download times. The one-sentence e-book will tell you all you need to know: If you want to lose weight, burn more than you eat.

    Seriously, here are some easy strategies. If you drink a lot of beer, drink less or stop. If you eat a lot of junkfood, eat less or stop. If you drink soda, just stop. If you eat within 1 1/2 hrs of going to bed, stop it. If you eat from boredom instead of hunger, stop. Cut out ALL junkfood Mon-Fri (lean meat, fruit and veggies only), then give yourself some indulgences (in moderation) on the weekends only.

    Marlon Brando, known for his weight issues at times, said when he needed to lose weight for a movie role, he just never sat down. That would work.

    You can eat all the fresh, whole grain stuff you want. Eat all the fruit and veggies you want. Some will argue with this, but show me someone with a weight issue who eats too many veggies.

    Exercise regularly, but most importantly in a fun, addictive way (ie, not in a gym unless you have the discipline to stick with monotonous, boring routines). Hmmm. Mountain biking may be a good fit here.

    And what Lee said!


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