The Twins will be here Wednesday!!!

We’ve had a heck of a time over here with health scares, hospital stays and 3x-a-week tests, but The Wife has held on, and it looks like we’re gonna make it to our Sept. 30 delivery date.

A week from today, the world will contain two more little rippers! I’m pinned getting ready for them and trying to deliver the MMBSii art (242 photos and drawings) before they arrive. Soon I’ll be pinning diapers.

Who are these little people? We’ll know soon!

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  1. JimV says:

    Awesome Lee! (Rest up, if you can.)

    Interesting math problem that came up when we had our twins. If they both sleep 16 hours a day, how come there’s never a single instant in the first month when they’re both asleep! (This will probably seem funnier a year from now)

    The best advice I received was to live in the moment. If I was tired, I’d think: I’ll never have another 5-day old (2-week old, 20-day old…) baby. I better experience this one all the way.


  2. Lee says:

    All the best mate, our little one has just turned 7 months and its flown past.
    Enjoy the moment they come into the world and every minute you spend with them. It will never seem the same afterwards.

  3. Steffen says:

    Lucky boy!
    I have twin boys and they are already 11 years old. This years birthday I bought them their first dirt bikes (do not forget, always to think in double portions when you plan to organize a gift like this). They have a lot of fun and once a day, they’d showed me your home page and said: Dad we want to have a PUMP TRACK in our backyard! I think I will have no other chance then to order your e-book to calm them down!
    You see it is never getting boring! They are wonderful!
    All the best for your DUO
    – Steffen

  4. brett says:

    Lee – your mailbox is full – just wanting to drop a line and say ‘rad!’

    Best of luck to the entire family-soon-to-be-plus-2! Drop a note once things calm down and you need a break – we’ll go ride!

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