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Dudes. I just sent 242 photos and diagrams to my publisher. I cannot believe how fast Mastering Mountain Bike Skills II came together. With the first edition, I was figuring out how to ride, then figuring out how to explain riding, then figuring out how to express the ideas. With this second edition, I already know how to explain riding — I’ve been teaching this stuff for five years — and it was just a matter of capturing the knowledge in words and images. That plus stay on top of my other work and get ready for the twins.

Nothing like a little stress to get you going.

“OK riders, set ’em up …”

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  1. Rob Calma says:


    I can not wait for part ii.

    I have learned so much from the first book and continue to ref it regularly.

    I have a number of riding buds waiting for it to come out also, as they have seen my riding improve greatly. I only need to get faster, that is all me though.

    Is this going to be a Christmas release thing (can put on the wish list to wife and kids).


    Again, as I have e-mailed in the past, I only wish us Canadians could cash in on your Skills Clinics. Have you ever thought of hooking up with some skilled Canadian Riders to conduct your Skill Clinics up here in Canada and not just BC (I am an Ontario Rider).

    All the best on the Twins.


  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Thanks guys. The book won’t be out ’til next year. I’m supposed to see a proof around Christmas.

    OK … once the babies are out of the rear-facing car seats … refurbish the Sprinter with a regular bench seat, load up the family and do a Canadian tour. We might as well start in Nova Scotia and work our way west …

    Hey, that would be rad! Before they start school.

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    And: I am very open to certifying other instructors. I have the curriculum all documented and ready to pass on (it’s a great way for passionate riders to earn good money and live the life). Looking for the right people.

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