The undeniable radness of braking

Of all riding skills, braking probably gets the least attention. But it sure is useful. And, dare I say, it’s HOT!

Here’s a preview from MMBSii. It shows some decent braking technique — and it shows how little space a decent braker needs to slow down.

Equipment: Hayes Stroker Trail brakes with 6-inch rotors, Specialized Eskar Control tires, 2008 Stumpjumper Pro Carbon frame/shock/fork

Surface: Dust over hardpack

Distance to decelerate from 24 mph to 6 mph: about 12 feet

Time to decelerate from 24 mph to 6 mph: about 0.5 second

Ramifications: Learn to brake effectively. Know you can slow down in a tiny space. Let ‘er rip!

Click for big:

Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. Petey says:

    Nice demonstration Lee.
    I did notice just how far back the front wheel tucks under the front of your bike in photo #2. The axle looks to be in line with the head angle. Perhaps it’s just the photo angle.

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