How a slacker seat angle shortens your wheelbase

Part of the continuing seat-tube-angle saga.

With a sexy diagram.

The clearest infographics only make one point at a time. Here’s today’s point:

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5 replies
  1. Trevor says:

    if all measuremeants stay the same, it will bring the top tube back, but since the bottom bracket does not move the down tube will stay in the same place, slackening the head angle and in fact lenghtening the wheel base.

    Unless you shorten the down tube to keep the headangle the same.

    Its not quite possible to keep all the measurements the same, its me just being a bit too geeky i think.

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    You are right!

    But, the way I see it, down tube length is not a meaningful bike geometry measurement. Seat angle, top tube length and head angle are meaningful; the down tube fills in to fit them.

    We’re all being too geeky.

  3. MW says:

    If two bikes have identical theoretical TT length, the one with the slacker SA will have a shorter WB as the BB will be closer to the front of the bike and the CS will follow. Wow, did you get all that? TT, SA, BB, CS…LOL.

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